“True Blood” mini-cap 3.5 “Trouble”

She awakes at his house the next morning to aforementioned sh—y ex-girlfriend demanding Alcide give her something she left in the house. "Her house!" Debbie freaks out when Sookie comes in, screaming at Alcide for doing it with her "in her own house!" Sookie reads her mind and hears her thinking about all the dudes she sleeps with when they have women that live in their houses. Hypocrite!

Deb says "I will cut you!" and when Sookie reads Deb’s mind to find she knows nada about Bill, she kills Deb with kindness until she takes off, but not before warning the two of them they better not tell anyone about what they saw at Lou Pine’s. Since they are obviously both horrible listeners and/or direction-followers, they go visit Alcide’s packmaster to tell him what they saw. But Colonel Flood is not interested and Sookie can hear that he’s scared. He wants them to keep quiet.

Jason has his first day on desk duty at the police station, but takes off in a squad car when he recognizes the blonde girl from the drug bust a week ago. He pulls her over, forgetting to put on a shirt, and tries to see her license and registration. She’s like "No, you aren’t a real cop" and denies him anything but her name: Crystal. Jason asks her to meet him that night at Merlotte’s but it doesn’t look good.

Jessica and Tommy are now working together at Merlotte’s and when Hoyt comes in with some blonde chick, Jessica feels a bit better when Tommy says she’s too hot for her ex. Jessica would totally blush if she wasn’t so pale.

Potential teen hookup? Tomica? Jessy?

Speaking of Tommy, he’s staying with Sam momentarily and his dad is not excited about it. Something is going on between them because Tommy hates his father and his father wants nothing more than to have his boy home with him. I’m creeped out, just like Sam, who is sick of being in the middle of their arguments. He didn’t sign up for this!

While Lafayette is working, he gets a visit from Jesus, the guy that works with his mom at the psychiatric hospital. He wants to go to a movie, but Lafayette is manning the kitchen until 11. No big deal, Jesus says. He’ll wait! And he does, and it’s cute when they play pool and get to know one another.

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