“True Blood” mini-cap 3.3: “It Hurts Me, Too”

Cooter is back, explaining how no werewolf has been able to bring Sookie back to the King.

Talbot offers him a Zima. He is not into this idea at all. Maybe he’s jealous of Cooter’s name.

Lorena says she knows Eric is watching over Sookie, which is why the weres haven’t been able to capture her yet. Bill arrives and announces he is no longer working for Sophie-Ann. The King is now his king. Pleased, the King says he no longer needs "the girl," aka stop the Search for Sookie. Lorena is not excited about this but the King cares more about Bill than Lorena’s happiness.

Sam’s family pays him a visit at Merlotte’s. He’s not psyched but tries to be hospitable. Jason is there, too, talking to Tara, who doesn’t know he’s the one that shot and killed Eggs. He sees a bullet wound in her head and has to leave. This is becoming too common.

Arlene tells Terry, "I got me a baby comin’!" Terry is so psyched that she just can’t tell him it’s probably not his baby. "I never dreamed in my life I could be so happy," he says, pulling her into an embrace. You just know this is going to end badly.

Sam wants his underage brother to stop drinking. He doesn’t want to lose his liquor license, and he also doesn’t like that his dad is a drunk and feeding his 19-year-old son shots. Sam’s mom makes them leave. She’s the only sane one. "Don’t take it personal, Sam. I don’t want to embarrass ourselves more than we already have." She needs to go home and woman the hell out of the both of them.

Eric pulls up outside Lafayette’s, honking for him to come outside. Lafayette, clad in a silk robe, begins to explain he’s moving as much V as he can. Eric says he needs to relax: "Pam is under a lot of pressure." Then he offers him the car for one dollar — "to avoid that pesky gift tax."

Lafeyette is skeptical but Eric explains why he needs him. Lafayette has loyal customers and he’s discreet. He’s helpful to Eric and Pam, and so he wins a car. He didn’t even have to go on Oprah.

Franklin shows up to Jessica’s and they have a fang-off. Jessica hates not knowing all the vamp rules, like vampires being allowed to walk in uninvited to another vampires’ house.

Franklin wants the dirt on Bill Compton. But to get it, he shows her the head of the guy she killed.

She jumps up on top of the couch, trying to pretend she was just scared because it’s a severed head. "Stop! Put it down." Franklin lets it drop onto the floor. "Now why don’t you tell me everything you know about Bill Compton?" What does he seriously want to know though — "Bill wears his hair with a part down the middle and enjoys B positive blood?"

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