“True Blood” mini-cap 3.12 “Evil is Going On”

Alcide drops Eric, Bill and the burnt Russell off at a construction site and leaves. The plan is to put Russell in concrete and bury him alive "for at least 100 years!" Bill gets super corny and says dramatic things while Eric yells at the invisible-to-everyone-else Godric. Russell laughs at their plan, but stops once the concrete buries him.



Godric looks on with a sad face. His progeny is not doing him proud.

Bill extends his hand and Eric takes it, but Bill is tricking him. He knocks Eric down into another empty pit and begins to fill it with concrete.


Bill calls some guy named Ruben on Eric’s phone and mimics his voice. "It’s Northman. I want you to find my progeny Pam and kill her. Now."

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