“True Blood” mini-cap 3.12 “Evil is Going On”


Ginger has arrived at Fangtasia, and she’s keeping Sookie company. They hear a truck outside and Russell says it’s his wolves, coming to help him. It’s Alcide, and he’s there to help Eric. Sookie was hoping it was for her. They have a beer together and Alcide says, "I’ve been thinking about you a lot. Even had a couple dreams about you." "Alcide!" Sookie says with a blush. They have a little flirting session which makes Russell laugh and say that Alcide eats people. "Rabbits and squirrels!" Alcide corrects him.

It’s nighttime, so Bill, Pam and Eric come out. Sookie is heading home and rescinds the invite to her house for all vampires present. Bill gives Alcide a sneer as Eric drags Russell out the door to the truck. "Eric, do not bring that thing back inside this bar!" Pam commands.

The DEA brings Jason back to the police station. They are upset that he tipped Hot Shot off and calls Bon Temps "Backwater hicks!" Andy is not thrilled. "And thanks for spilling the beans about Eggs to Tara!" He tells Jason he is never going to be a cop, but Jason’s convinced he did the right thing.

Jesus tries to explain to Lafayette that he’s just more sensitive now. Jesus mentions he used to hear and see things with multiple faces when he was learning magic in a sweat lodge. Lafayette is like "Wait a minute — you said somebody taught you magic? What are you?" He’s a witch. "You a witch whose a nurse whose a dude?" Lafayette asks. "I guess I lucked out then, huh?" Cue the witches in season 4. Too bad we have to wait until next summer!


Whenever you make a big life change, you have to cut your hair. At least that’s what Jenny Schecter and Tara seem to think. She takes scissors to her braids and chops them off.


Over dinner with Sookie, they talk about how long it’s been since they’ve hung out. They hold hands briefly before Tara decides to head over to Merlotte’s. They hug and Tara gets teary-eyed. The sad music indicates Tara is saying goodbye, for the last time.


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