“True Blood” mini-cap 3.12 “Evil is Going On”


While trying to find Tommy, Sam stumbles upon Terry, who is crying on his front porch. Sam apologizes for going off on him while drunk, but Terry is obviously upset about something else. He seems to be upset about how great everything is. "Everything’s great!" Even his armadillo, Felix, is good. "It couldn’t get any better." Seems like the PTSD is affecting him again, in a strange way.

Sam goes inside the house where he was letting Tommy live. He was not a good renter — he left the house a mess, with lamps overturned, the faucet on and the freezer door open. He’s definitely hit the road, which gives Sam a thought that’s likely "S–t, my money!"

Tara can’t stop thinking of all the crazy that has happened to her in the last year. She goes to see her mom, who is sober but in the middle of a tryst with the reverend.


"Does his wife know? How about his kids?" Tara asks. "He gonna leave his wife, he just needs time. I’m in love!" Elly Mae says. Tara knows it won’t work out for her mom, but wants to change from cynical old Tara to positive, Zen Tara. "Good luck, Mama," she says, giving her a hug.

Sam finds that his safe has been removed and starts screaming. In the kitchen, Arlene says she can’t deal with Sam today. Lafayette hears her, but sees Renee with his hands around her neck, saying he’s inside her right now.


Lafayette freaks out and goes to call Jesus. "I am seeing things; bad things!" Jesus is at work and tries to convince his boyfriend he’s not schizo like his mama. Jesus promises to come over, and Lafayette hangs up, fixes his do-rag and gets back to work.

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