“True Blood” mini-cap 3.12 “Evil is Going On”

Sookie is reading Star in Eric’s chair, passing time when Russell starts singing her name, trying to bribe her. When he offers his word that he won’t harm her or anyone she loves, she says "Stepping around the fact that your word’s worth as much as tits on a turtle? What else?" She demands five million dollars and he reluctantly agrees and also says he’ll kill Eric, Bill, both, neither or "one of your choosing." She says she’d also like his house in Mississippi: "I like that house." But what does she have to do? Release him. "No."


Russell says how amazing Sookie’s blood is. He lures her to him, talking about how smart Bill is, and how he shows such restraint for not draining Sookie dry. Sookie sprays him with silver. "That’s enough out of you." Russell threatens her again, but he shouldn’t be doing that — Sookie finds his urn with Talbot’s remains. She finds out Russell thinks he can bring Talbot back to life using her blood. In an un-Sookie like move, she dumps Talbot’s remains down the garbage disposal with a laugh.


Jason and Crystal take his truck to Hot Shot. Crystal calls them out and tells them about the DEA. She hands out orders — they have to get rid of the V. Crystal’s dad obliges but tells Jason it’s still none of his business — he’s got things under control. "Is that so? Because I see a bunch of people that look dirty and hungry and kids who probably ain’t in school. And several people obviously got dental problems." Best. Line. Ever.



Crystal’s fiancee, Filton, comes out of nowhere with a gun, shooting Crystal’s dad and another bystander. He’s high on V and doesn’t want to rid of it.

For some reason, Filton hasn’t shot Jason. He’d rather argue with him and say Crystal is going with him in Jason’s truck. She gives in, telling Jason to take care of all the people in Hot Shot. "Somebody’s gotta take care of everybody that’s left!" All the trashy people stare at Jason with hope in their hearts.

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