“True Blood” mini-cap 3.12 “Evil is Going On”


 It’s the morning after at Sam’s, and Tara is watching Nan Flanagan take on the Fellowship of the Sun on the TV. She is more impressed by Sam making her breakfast, but he can’t believe he hasn’t made it for her before, then remembers it’s because she’d leave before morning. "That’s cuz you always woke me up, barking in your sleep!"


Sam gives her some pancakes cooked in bacon grease and then drops the bomb. "I’m a shapeshifter." Tara is so over all the supernatural beings in her life and tells him to shut the F up but Sam says he will not shut the F up. "It’s who I am."

Tara is pissed Sam didn’t tell her before they slept together. "Too many bad things have happened to me because of supernatural stuff!" she says, but Sam knows better. "And humans." Tara gets really overdramatic (surprise) and says she wants to "reboot" with a whole new life. Sam says it’s easy. "You’ve just got to keep on moving."

Jason shows up to the police station where the DEA is in town to raid Hot Shot. Andy takes him into his office, saying Jason cannot go tip the town off. "So we just let ‘em sell drugs?" Andy asks. "If we stop them, somebody else is just going to start up, right?" "You just rationalized away all need for law enforcement!" Andy says, baffled. "I don’t know what that means exactly, but you gotta stop those government people out there — please!"

Jason’s storyline has bored me this season, but I always love his crazy rationale.

When Hoyt arrives at work, he finds his mom, Summer and his high school guidance counselor waiting for him in lawn chairs. "I got work to do," Hoyt says. He’s not trying to be part of this intervention. His mom can’t help but notice he’s been bitten by Jessica.


Summer reads Hoyt a letter about how she’s liked him ever since he was her safety patrol streetcrosser that said "Hey" to her. Mrs. Fortenberry reads her own, which refers to Jessica as a "red-headed dead girl." She threatens to disinherit Hoyt. "You don’t have any money anyways!" When the guidance counselor tries to stop the ensuing argument, Hoyt says "You just shut up — you’re not a real therapist. Everybody knows you have a bottle of Malibu rum in your desk, so shut up!" He tells Summer he wants her to find the best husband in the whole world — but it ain’t him. Hoyt gets to work as the women cry together, pushing the drunk guidance counselor away.

Lafayette is smoking outside Merlotte’s in a hoodie he surely bought from Forever 21. When Sam arrives to let him inside, Lafayette begins to see things again, and it’s blood on Sam’s hands. "Rough night?" Sam asks him. He can tell Lafayette is spooked.

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