“True Blood” mini-cap 3.11 “Fresh Blood”


Arlene is having a dream in which she hears her mom calling her name. Arlene is fresh-faced without makeup and her hair is free of hairspray. She’s fishing and see sees a light. Suddenly, she hears Terry saying her name and she realizes she’s in bed and there’s blood everywhere. It’s from her, and she isn’t concerned like Terry is. "It looks like you’re dying!" Arlene says she’ll get cleaned up and then they can go to the hospital. Secretly, she’s relieved, and she says she thinks she lost the baby.


At the hospital, Terry is so upset and feels responsible. But then the doctor comes in and delivers some good news. "It’s going to be OK. You haven’t lost anything — the baby’s still on board. You’ve got a strong little critter in there!" Arlene feigns excitement. "Yay."

Jason comes back home and Crystal is still there. He tells her that he doesn’t want to break up. He loves her and doesn’t mind that she’s a panther. Then she tells him they have to stop the raid because of all the innocent kids. "We can’t go against the DE f—-ng A!" Crystal said she’s going with or without Jason.


Eric, Bill and Pam try to tell Russell that Sookie is a human-fairy hybrid and she’s the only chance he has to walk in the sun. "Nothing in my blood is a supernatural sunscreen for ya’ll!" Sookie said but Bill says it’s true. Sookie is not pleased. Now she really doesn’t trust Bill or Eric. "I hate you! I hate you all!"


Pam pleads with Eric not to go in the sun. "You know I love you more when you’re cold and heartless," he tells her. Bill reminds Russell and Eric they can’t drain her completely because then there will be no more fairy blood. They take their bites simultaneously.


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