“True Blood” mini-cap 3.11 “Fresh Blood”


Holly makes Arlene drink some tea that she’ll have to continue to make for the next five days, four times a day. It tastes gross and has her own blood in it, but she shoots it. "Blessed be!"


Kitch’s friends are giving up. They’re worn out! Jason tells Kitch he knows he’s on V. "What if i was? So what?" Jason’s like, "V’s an illegal substance." He’s pissed that Kitch is a cheater and threatens to tell the school, his family and his coach. Apparently his coach is the one giving it to him and his family is paying for it. This just makes Jason even more upset, but he maintains that it won’t count when Kitch beats his record.


Lafayette is seeing things. Dolls are singing "La La! We need you!"

Back at Fangtasia, Russell is speaking with Sookie and Eric tells Bill, in secret, "Hit me!" They begin to fight, but it’s just for show. Russell takes Sookie inside, and then the vamps can talk alone. "I have a plan," Eric says. "Will it save her?" Bill asks.

Tara and Sam are drinking together, and she’s trying to knock some sense into her drunk boss. Sam claims he has nobody and Tara says, "You have me." They both feel misunderstood. Sam says people think of him like "He’s nice. I’ll go ask him to do some inconvenient s–tty thing because he’ll do it — he’s a good guy!"


Tara says no one would ever think that about her. Instead it’s "Don’t invite Tara to the party! She’ll get pissed off!" This just makes them both hot and they go back to Sam’s trailer where they get it on.

Tommy decides to break into Sam’s safe while he’s distracted. Them’s the consequences of having premarital sex, Sam Merlotte!


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