“True Blood” mini-cap 3.11 “Fresh Blood”


Jason thinks his life sucks, so he drives out to the high school football field, where the new star quarterback, Kitch Maynard is playing ball with some friends. His girlfriend is upset because he was supposed to go to her house and watch her try on outfits. Kitch is too hyped on passing balls so hard they hurt his sweat-soaked buds and are thrown outside of the field. Jason knows what’s up — there’s something in that boys’ blood and it’s not adrenaline.

Summer goes to Mrs. Fortenberry in tears. "Hoyt doesn’t want me!" They sit outside as Summer says how she offered up her virginity and Hoyt denied her. She thinks it’s because she’s not tall and not as pretty as Jessica. "I baked for him! I opened up my heart to him. I showed him my best underwear. There’s nothing else I can do!" Hoyt’s mama says they aren’t giving up. Summer is a stalker in the making.


Tara comes into Merlotte’s and seems amused by how messed up the place is. Sam asks for help and she says "Too bad I an’t working tonight." She’s more interested in making Andy uncomfortable. She sits across from him in his booth where he awkwardly tries to make small talk. Tara eventually puts him out of his misery. "I know about Eggs."

Andy feels pretty bad about it, that’s for sure. "I don’t feel like a hero." Tara looks almost as if she cares and understands how Andy wasn’t trying to anything wrong. Still, she’s hurt. No one can change what happened.

Sam tries to put Tommy to work as a waitress, but he refuses. He doesn’t expect Sam to get so upset with him, but when he calls him "Nothing but Joe Lee in a Sam suit," Sam freaks out. He fires Tommy and kicks him out of the rental. Tommy tries to apologize. "You’re the only one I know around here! Where am I supposed to go?" Sam doesn’t care. He kicks everyone out of the bar, except Tara, who says "No" and pours herself some Patron.


Sookie tells Bill she’s done with all the BS. They start to imagine a normal fantasy life for the two of them. They decide they’d be happily married and live between Bill’s house and Gran’s house. Sookie would be a real estate agent and Bill would teach third grade. They’d have a big garden and bring friends over for dinner. Bill would even go fishing with Jason!


Their dream talk is stopped dead in its tracks when Eric and Russell appear in the middle of the road and halt the car with a single hand movement.


In the woods, Holly begins a ritual to help Arlene rid of Renee’s baby. She gets all "Blessed be" like The Craft and tells Arelene to talk to the spirit of her mother while in their "circle." Arlene pleads that her mom listen to her and understand why she’s doing what she is. She wants everyone to be safe and live without fear that her baby will be a "crazed killer."

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