“True Blood” mini-cap 3.11 “Fresh Blood”


Hoyt is feeling real good, which Jessica says is the V talking. She wants him to know the truth about her, so she divulges that she killed a trucker. "I’m sure you had to," Hoyt said, but Jessica stays strong: "I didn’t."


Not only has she drunk human blood, but she likes it and she doesn’t want to stop. "This is what I really am!" she tells her boyfriend, and he decides she can drink his blood, right then and there. You don’t gotta tell her twice!


Russell is having trouble "switching tenses" when it comes to Talbot. He’s dead now, so he can no longer "adore" something. Eric doesn’t really care, but obliges Russell in explaining to the King why he killed his lover. Russell’s response? LOL. "My, my — to lose the one man I ever loved because you missed your mommy and daddy? That is a kick in the pants!" He’s pretty heartless, that’s for sure.

Eric says they’re even now, but Russell tells him not to beg for mercy. "Eric, you’re nothing but a lump of muscle with a blood grudge." The lump of muscle tells Russell he can help him to walk in the sun. "If I’m wrong, kill me tomorrow." The King is intrigued. "Clever boy, to tempt me." Eric gets a phone call.


"Not a good time." It’s Pam. "No s–t. Bill and Sookie escaped and Yvetta took the cash." Ginger is gingerly removing the silver chains from around Pam’s feet. "I need a drink," Pam says, and she takes Ginger’s neck into her mouth for some of blondie’s blood.

In the car, Bill wants to know why Sookie went to Eric. She’s vague and says she needed to ask him a question, saying she doesn’t trust either of them, really. Bill wants to know if she has feelings for Eric. "Not feelings feelings. I drank his blood." So yeah, she’s got some feelings for him, but it’s not her fault. Sookie says she did see a different side to the lump of muscle, though, when he tried to save Godric from giving himself to the light. Bill tries to entice Sookie with the dreams of beginning again. Can they ever do that?

Sam is drunk as all get out. So drunk he insults everyone in the bar, patrons and workers alike. He is looking for his special whiskey and Terry tries to get him to calm down. Sam says "I’m your boss! Get back in the kitchen you shell-shocked mother f—er!"


Arlene asks how she can be so "hateful and mean." "You’re polluting our positive energy vibe!" Holly says. Sam calls them bitches and says they can "shut the f–k up." They grab some salt for the Wiccan anti-pregnancy ritual and take off, as well they should.

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