“True Blood” mini-cap 3.10 “I Smell a Rat”

Hoyt realizes, for the 100th time, he is not interested in Summer so he goes to declare his love to Jessica, who is working. He said he drove to the lake to ask God for a reason why he and Jessica couldn’t be together and it came to him — "There is no reason."


She alludes to all the unimaginable s–t she’s done (and liked) and says he wouldn’t want her because of it, but he dismisses that argument and says "Tell me you don’t love me" and promises to leave her alone. But she can’t, and she doesn’t, so he leaves without her saying a word. Tommy races out after him into the parking lot, where Hoyt promptly punches him in the nose. Tommy turns into a pit and attacks Hoyt’s arm, ripping a gash in it. But Jessica is coming after Hoyt, and she throws the pit into the woods before forcing Hoyt to drink her blood. "I love you, too," she says.


Tommy watches from behind a tree. He’s such a creep!

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