“True Blood” mini-cap 3.10 “I Smell a Rat”


Russell is on the prowl for a pale brunette and he finds him for $1000. "You got some place we can go?" he asks the male pro, who does, indeed.

After sex (because they won’t show the gay sex), Russell begins to talk crazy, like he’s speaking to Talbot. The pro is freaked out and says "It’s an extra $500 to bite me!" But Russell, crying bloody tears, continues: "I’ll never forgive myself that in the end, you were so alone, no one holding your hand. Your beautiful, beautiful hand." Then he stakes the guy in the heart. "Talbot, you saved me from the world; from myself. I was a fool to trust him. I’m more sorry that I can ever say." Russell kisses the guy’s hand, and suddenly the dead pro has turned into a dead Talbot. "I’m so glad we had a chance to say our goodbye," Russell says, laying his head on Talbot’s chest. He’s officially cray cray in the bray bray.

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