“True Blood” mini-cap 3.10 “I Smell a Rat”


Jessica wakes up to a firey cross burning in Bill’s yard and someone yelling "Vampires go back to hell!" She wants to track them down but Bill comes to tell her it’s even more important now that they resist the urge, even if it’s "against their nature." Easy for him to say — he’s got the delicious fairy blood at his disposal.

Sam is drinking in the woods, so he begins thinking back to a time when he tracked down the couple that duped him before. He turns from a beagle into a naked Sam, stealing the guy’s gun and demanding the money they got for the jewelry. He demands the rest, which is apparently in the truck, and he also wants the pants off the guy. "She told me you liked to bark in your sleep," the guy tells Sam, which just makes Sam more upset. He beats the guy with the gun, punching him over and over until the girl comes out of the truck with a gun and shoots at them. He instinctively shoots back at her and ends up killing her, which he is not happy about. He loved her, even if she was a lying c–t.

Pam let’s Sookie into Eric’s office. "She insisted." Pam leaves them to discuss their business, which is really a discussion on why Sookie shouldn’t trust Bill. But Eric has other intentions and he begins kissing her, because he’d regret it if he never had the chance to before he meets the True Death. She doesn’t really resist — not at first.

"OK, I get it — I’m irresistable and intoxicating but that doesn’t really help your cause." She wants to know why she shouldn’t trust Bill! Me, too, dammit.

Pam interrupts and brings Eric out into the bar area to argue. She’s upset he is making out with Sookie when he could be turning her in to Sophie-Ann and Russell in exchange for keeping his own life.

"Your lack of sentiment is ultimately your most admirable quality," Eric says. "Do not disappoint me now." She reminds him he would have done anything to save Godric, so why shouldn’t she do the same for him? Pam says she needs to use Sookie and quick.

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