“True Blood” mini-cap 3.10 “I Smell a Rat”


When Sam comes into work the next morning, everyone treats him with kid gloves — well, everyone but Tommy. Sam says they need to act normal; the guy he beat the s–t out of is "fine." Lucky Sam. New waitress Holly gives Sam some herbal remedies for his high Testosterone levels. "I’m Wiccan," she tells him, which he promptly responds with "I have two rules in my bar: no dancing, and no religion." Then he shuts down Tommy when he says he was "proud of his brother last night" with "Well you’re an idiot." Sam is not his usual chipper self, that’s for sure.

Arlene bursts into tears when she carries the trash outside and runs into Terry. She finally tells him the baby will be evil Renee’s baby and she wants to rid of it. But he won’t let that happen. "I’m gonna raise that child as my own, do you hear me, Arlene? I want to marry you and together we will surround that baby with more love that it can handle." She bawls even harder, because she does not want that baby.


Jason is telling Sookie about shooting Franklin when he can’t hold back anymore — "I shot Eggs." Sookie urges him to tell Tara because she will find out eventually and it’ll hurt her "10 times more." Jason wants to protect people as it’s the only thing he thinks he does right. Sookie says lying and protecting people are different.

Later, Sookie has a dream where Eric kisses her and tells her, yet again, she can’t trust Bill. She wakes up as he goes to bite her neck.

Jason brings Tara something to eat, and she wakes up. She thanks him for saving her life. "You’ve been saving me since I was a little girl." I guess I was really sheltered growing up — I don’t think anyone’s brother ever had to save my life consistently. I suppose Bon Temps is a lot more dangerous than Michigan.

Jason tries to stop Tara from saying nice things about him because he feels so guilty about Eggs. But when Tara begins to kiss him, he can’t take it.

She thinks it’s her but then he explains: "I shot Eggs. Say something — Tara please. Hit me, call the cops, tell me you hate me — anything." But she can’t. She runs out of the house. Well, what did he expect? Then he noticed Sookie left a note saying she was going out. He failed at protecting her, too.

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