“True Blood” mini-cap 3.10 “I Smell a Rat”

Somehow, Jesus has forgotten he was opposed to Lafayette being involved with drugs. Now he wants to try some V. He convinces Lafayette that they both are in tune to some "deep, powerful" things and they just need a small push. Just a drop will do them, and they start tripping — hard.

They start dancing to imaginary music and the altars on the wall begin getting down with them. They can’t stop laughing and they begin spinning around and around until they make some pit-stops. The first one is to Jesus’ grandma, who can undo spells and save people from evil. Then she is putting an egg on a woman’s stomach to cure her fertility issues. Somehow Jesus and Lafayette are so connected, they start speaking in each other’s voices, and making their comments come out of one another’s mouths.

Lafayette’s great-great grandmama and her girl are next. They’re conjurers and slaves, and Lafayette had no idea until now.


Lastly, it’s a skull-fest when Jesus’ grandfather is in a dark basement practicing the dark arts. Jesus says "he had big plans for me" and that he and his mother tried to escape him. Suddenly, Abuelo screams and Jesus and Lafayette wake up from their bad trip. "That was f—ng awesome," Jesus said. He enjoyed it, but his boyfriend is a little spooked.

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