“True Blood” mini-cap 3.10 “I Smell a Rat”

Lafayette takes a detour on the way to taking Crystal’s dad to the hospital. He has a better idea and goes to his house to get some V. And, by golly, it works. The half-dead man magically heals and comes to — just in time to call Jesus and Lafayette faggots and tell Crystal he never wants to see her again. His blood line is all messed up now, thanks to them.


Lafayette says what everyone is thinking: "Them f—kers is a whole new dimension of trash."

Sam is drinking alone, post-beating that guy’s ass in his bar in front of everyone. He starts remembering times past, specifically a time in 2003 when he wore cheap suits and had a really bad greased-back hairdo. He was dating one of the women from John Tucker Must Die, who is only interested in him for his ability to sneak in places and steal jewelry without setting off alarms. She is asking for his secrets while he is trying to undress her, but a man with a gun appears and lets Sam know he’s "getting screwed."


Sam’s girl is in on this and she doesn’t mind being referred to as a "world class piece of ass." But who would, really? She looks a little sad for Sam, whose pushed down onto the floor as they leave with the goods, but otherwise, she’s not too remorseful.

Back in his trailer, Sam is still drunk and angry. Reminiscing isn’t going so well.

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