“True Blood” mini-cap 3.10 “I Smell a Rat”

At Fangtasia, Eric is signing over all of his assets to his progeny, Pam, who is pissed in purple.

She wants to know why Eric won’t even put up a fight, and he tells her to stay out of it unless she has a way he can defeat the oldest and toughest vampire alive. Yvetta was called in to sign as a witness, and is upset to learn that she is getting nothing upon Eric’s death.

Apparently he promised her everything, though he claims he promised her a job and good sex only. He calls her a "gold-digging whore" and she runs out of the room.

"You can be a cold-hearted bastard," Pam tells him. Eric, as usual, is unconcerned.

Jason and Tara are trying to dispose of Franklin’s goo, which ends up being half dug underground and half into the back of Jason’s pick-up truck.


At Jason’s, Sookie and Bill are hanging out, watching Nan Flanagan on TV, trying to clear up the mess Russell caused by murdering a newsanchor on air.

Then Eric stops by to ask if Bill can walk in the sunlight after drinking Sookie’s blood — he needs to know because that’s why Sophie-Ann is so interested in her. But Bill fills him in — it only works for a few minutes; you still end up burning. "That’s going to disapoint Sophie-Ann," Eric says and divulges that he’s killed Talbot. "Thanks, you’ve just put our cause back a thousand years," Bill says. They start arguing about "the truth!" and Sookie comes out to say, "What truth?"

Eric tells her not to trust Bill and that he’ll be gone soon anyway.

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