“True Blood” Episode 410 Recap: “Burning Down the House”





After getting the crap beaten out of him by Marcus and his goons, Tommy is bleeding out on the front seat of Alcide’s van. Then, because of the whole skinwalker thing, he starts barfing blood and writhing in pain.

Alcide is trying to figure out where to take him for help, but Tommy says it’s too late for that. He just wants to go “home,” meaning Merlotte’s.

At Merlotte’s, Sam speeds into the parking lot and runs inside. I’m not sure if Alcide called him, or he sensed a disturbance in the Force, or merely freaked out because he’d left his iron turned on, but for whatever reason, he’s ditched his camping-sex trip with Luna and rushed home.

He and Alcide help a bloody Tommy onto the pool table. Sam is trying to figure out how to help him, but Tommy again says it’s too late. He takes about 15 more minutes to die, and there’s some nice acting here and the brothers forgive each other, and then he kicks the bucket.

It’s a testament to how well done this sequence is that even though I never really cared for this character, I am a bit sad to see him go this way.

Afterward, Sam vows to Alcide that Marcus is a dead man, and Alcide happily drives him over to Marcus’ place to kill him off. A lot of stuff with Alcide has been really out of character lately. I don’t think he would so eagerly have backed Marcus up last week, and I’m not sure he’d so eagerly help Sam now confront him. Wouldn’t be be more the peacekeeping type? Or at least the “let’s see Marcus dealt with by the proper werewolf authorities” type?

Anyway, they go to Marcus’ garage, but Marcus isn’t there. Instead, it’s one of his goons who helped beat Tommy, and Sam decides to use him as a practice punching bag before the real thing.

Where is Marcus, you wonder? Why offering loving consolation to that tender, delicate flower, Debbie Pelt. The two of them are getting high on his sofa, and she’s bitching about how Alcide didn’t come home the night before. Then she tells Marcus that Alcide won’t give her the one thing she wants most – a child – and she sort of puts herself in position to illustrate what a child-bearing Debbie Pelt might look like.

Marcus responds by happily groping her, and all I can think is just how high is she? Because anybody that would trade an Alcide for this guy is seriously off their gourd. I’m officially downgrading him from hot-skeevy to just plain skeevy. Heck, he’s more than skeevy. He’s Skeevy Plus.

WTF Rating: 3

Tommy’s death aside, like so much else this episode, this seems like a mere precursor to a bigger battle that’s about to come. But in all the Sam/Alcide/Marcus battling, I just hope we find time for Debbie to find her way back to Sookie.

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