“True Blood” Episode 408 Recap: “Spellbound”


then casts a spell that induces some sort of supernatural fog (you don’t play Harry Potter‘s Aunt for six movies
without learning a thing or two) exacerbating the confusion. In the midst of
it, several key things happen:

– Tara shoots
a vamp with a wood bullet, getting herself covered in guts. But then Pam easily
snatches the gun from her with a snappy, “You dropped something” She
enthusiastically announces she’s about to eat her (and not in the good way,

then none other than Bill puts a stop to it, commanding Pam to cease and
desist. Pam is all, “This is so f–king lame,” but he’s her effing king
and, as his subject, she is forced to comply.

Tara wonders why he saved her, and he says,
“You know why.” (It will be interesting to see if this changes her feelings
about vampires going forward. And have any of you noticed how obsessed Pam
seems to be with Tara all of a sudden?
Wouldn’t it be great if somehow those two hooked up?)

– Sookie successfully uses her gnarly wonder
twin powers – to her own amazement – to defend herself and is promptly shot in
the stomach. She crumbles to the ground, but is then lifted and carried to
safety by … Alcide, who had heard the ruckus in the woods and gone to make sure
Sookie was safe.

he’s been followed all along by a white wolf who’s like two feet behind him and
naturally morphs into Debbie Pelt, who sees him cradling Sookie in his arms.
Seriously? Aren’t shifters supposed to have this keen sense of smell? Yet Alcide
couldn’t smell this wolf right behind him … a wolf who also happens to be his
girlfriend? At least this development will bring on full-on Debbie Pelt craziness,
and I can’t wait for that.

– What else? Oh, right! Eric, sensing that
Sookie’s been hurt, struggles to find her through the fog, and runs right right
into … Mantonia. Who instantly does the Muppet-master move on him and easily
gets him under her complete control, on his knees before her. She celebrates
her dominion over him by patting his head, like a Park
Avenue dowager and her beloved pet schnauzer.

WTF Rating: 5. That
entire battle sequence was absolutely thrilling and has me completely in the
dark about what’s going to happen next. Well played, Mr. Ball. Well played.

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