“True Blood” Episode 408 Recap: “Spellbound”



Terry and Arlene have set up a nice little
portable crib in the kitchen of Merlotte’s, because proximity
to spattering fry grease and racks of knives is of course the perfect
environment in which to nurture the devil baby in your life.

comes in and hollers at Terry that he’s got his back turned to adorable Mikey,
and she fears Renee‘s ghost could
swoop in any moment and take off with him. But Terry shows how he’s installed a
mirror over the stove to keep an eye on the devilish tyke.

they don’t see, and what Lafayette of
course still does, is that Cajun Ghost
is right there, singing her haunting lullaby. “Aw hell,” he
groans, hightailing it away with a, “F–k this s–t.”

Later on, Lafayette is writhing around on his sofa having
one of those unsettling mystical backstory dreams. He sees Cajun Ghost Lady
walking to her home on a moonlit night, a doll in her arms. A white man comes
out of the shack and tells her that her baby is “gone.”

cries in despair, explaining that she’d just run out to get this doll for the
baby. The guy won’t let her see the baby’s body or plan a funeral, and she
implies he somehow killed the baby, all because she’s “a Negress” and
he’s married. And apparently a total d–k.

Lafayette wakes up and, right across the
room, is Cajun Ghost Lady herself. Who’s apparently taken up smoking. As in …
she turns into a puff of smoke (the way Jesus
Tio Luca did earlier), and inhales
herself right into Lafayette’s
body through his mouth.

So now Lafayette is channeling
Cajun Ghost Lady, and unlike Tommy doing Maxine, he needs no advice from RuPaul
at all as to enacting a convincing womanly gait and appearance (seriously Nelsan Ellis is just brilliant here).

Possessed by her spirit, he goes to the
Bellefleur mansion, where Arlene and Terry are camped out
post-house-fire. “Lafayette”
finds a way into the house, steals a gun from a sleeping Andy, and then steals
adorable baby Mikey from a sleeping Arlene and Terry and making off with him. I
can’t wait to see what happens comes breastfeeding time.

WTF Rating: 5. I love
how the more we find out, the more strange and mysterious this devil baby
storyline gets. I also love how it’s now ensnared Lafayette. I’m curious: if Jesus sleeps with Lafayette while he’s
possessed by a woman, does that make him bisexual? Or at least count as a


Alcide and Debbie go to a meeting of their
new pack, and I guess it says something about werewolf organization
that the big meeting is basically standing around somebody’s backyard. Like
they couldn’t dip into membership dues to rent out a decent space, one with a
few benches, maybe throw in some cookies and punch? Instead it’s like,
“Hey, let’s make a fire in an oil can … that’ll be nice.”

Marcus, the skeevy pack leader is addressing the group, all, “First a few announcements. One,
we still need volunteers for the bake sale. Two, the monthly newsletter is
available for you all to take home and peruse at your leisure. And three, the
vampires and witches are at war and if any of you get involved I’m going to
totally f–k you up.”

young pup is all gung-ho to take on the vamps, but Marcus insists that the
vamps are simply stronger and more powerful and they’re best off staying out of

Alcide tells Marcus that he likes his stay-out-of-vamp-business policies.
Marcus responds that he thinks Alcide could go far in the pack, but Alcide
counters he’s not one for politics.

Later on, Debbie ecstatically goes on about
how much she thinks they’re going to love being part of the new
pack. In my favorite line of the episode, she happily tells Alcide that she
made some friends,” a couple of real nice bitches.”

only thing still troubling her though, is that Sookie might somehow ruin it all
for them. She asks Alcide to promise never, ever to see her again, and the
doofus actually agrees! D’oh! No good can possibly come from this. Because it’s
a promise he can’t possibly keep and now, even if it’s totally innocent,
whenever he does cross paths with Sookie he’s going to seem guilty in Debbie’s
eyes. And Debbie’s eyes can be crazier than a certain Minnesota congresswoman.

Marcus goes off to make a phone call, telling the party on the other end that
he’s planning on coming by to see his daughter later on. Wonder who that could
possibly have been?

In totally unrelated news, Sam shows up at
Luna’s door. At first she doesn’t want anything to do with
him, on account of his skinwalking brother violating her and all. But he
assures her that he kicked Tommy out, explains that Tommy’s the product of a
messed up family, and explains that while he can forgive him for murdering
their parents, he can’t forgive him for what he did to her.

obviously her heart just melts at that! Especially when daughter Emma comes running out with her dolls
(the only toys she apparently ever plays with), asking if Sam can play Barbies
with her, even though she knows for a fact that one particular doll doesn’t
like him. (Oh for pete’s sake, is there really another devil doll on this

Later that night, they’re enjoying a nice
quiet dinner all together, when who comes in but Luna’s ex,
aka. Emma’s father, aka. Marcus the hot-skeevy pack leader. Wow, so not a shocker.

He gets
all pissy about how Luna isn’t supposed to have random men around his daughter
without his permission. So she does the only sensible thing and excuses herself
to put Emma to bed, all, “I’m sure you two will be fine.” So they
have an alpha-male glare off, and take turns peeing on the furniture and wiping
their butts on the floor and scratching the wallpaper and marking their
territory and vowing that this isn’t over.

WTF Rating: 2. We’re
edging closer and closer to a Debbie Pelt freak-out, and an Alcide-Marcus-Sam
showdown, but we’re just not quite there yet. For now, the werewolf-shifter
stories are on a pretty slow burn.

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