“True Blood” Episode 407 Recap: “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”


Meanwhile at Casa
Sookie, Bill pays a visit, and he can totally tell that she and Eric have
been up all night copulating. He warns them about the resurrection.

Eric doesn’t think he could get another resurrection, even
if he tried.

Regardless, Bill hands Sookie a big bag of silver chains. “Tie
him up.”

We get this whole
extended sequence where all the vampires get chained up in their coffins. It
looks painful and gross, with a lot of smoking skin and blood. There’s a lot of
silver chains involved. What did they do, knock over a Zales?

My favorite bit in this sequence is that bleached blond
barmaid at Fangtasia dropping a silver chainmail blanket over Pam, who is tucked
away in the girliest pink coffin you’ve ever seen. It’s what you’d bury a Disney
Princess in.

Then we get a short and
pointless Andy Bellefleur scene. He arrives at Merlotte’s with roses for
his date with the Wicca Waitress.
But he starts going through V withdrawal, loses it and rushes out, leaving
Wicca Waitress perplexed. And no doubt wondering why she ever agreed to the
date in the first place.

Also in Merlotte’s,
Tara is recruiting people to join Mantonia’s circle. Apparently she’s been
doing this all over town and has rounded up a motley bunch of granola types
ready to join hands.

In the kitchen,
Lafayette is cooking chili and gets a good look at the cajun lady ghost
that devil baby has been seeing all over town. Cajun ghost lady seems surprised
that Lafayette
can see her. When she gets too close to devil baby, Lafayette starts banging pans and scares her

Later, with the circle
of volunteer witches assembled at “Ye Olde Magic Shop,” Mantonia
gives her version of a St. Crispin’s Day speech – talking about how, unlike
vampires, the human spirit is immortal. To paraphrase: “Stick with me and
we can kill all the vampires.” She gives everyone permission to leave and
a few timid souls depart. Seems like, by staying, the rest have made a permanent
commitment. I don’t think Mantonia will like it if they try to break free

They start their chanting and suddenly it gets really windy and
bright all across town. Jason has stopped by Sookie’s place and they both can
feel the electricity in the air caused by the resurrection spell. Eric starts
shouting from the basement and Sookie explains to Jason that all the vampires
will have the urge to go out into the sun. He immediately thinks of Jessica and
tears off running to save her.

Which turns out to be a good thing because for some
convenient reason Jessica’s silver chains aren’t strong enough and she gets

The episode ends with
a cliffhanger: Jessica opening the mansion doors and stepping into bright
sunlight. Jason has made it to the front lawn. Will he be able to save her
before she combusts?

I sure hope so as I really like Jessica. I’m going to be
seriously bummed if they kill her off!

What did you think of the episode?

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