“True Blood” Episode 402 Recap: “You Smell Like Dinner”


After flash-forwarding more than a year, True Blood has
now settled into its more typical, semi-real time pacing. In fact, half of this
week’s episode takes place on the same night as last week’s events, and the
other half is the following day.

what a day that proves to be for Eric
and Jason, both of whom wind up
changed men in ways they (and we) could never have imagined. Let’s break it
down, storyline by “What the Fang?” storyline …


outing himself as her new landlord and baring his fangs (how rude!), Eric
follows Sookie around the house claiming
he did it all for her own good. She doesn’t realize, he argues, how tantalizing
she is to vampires. In fact, she smells like “sunshine in a pretty blonde
bottle” – which is funny because the blonde part also comes from a bottle.

If he
wanted to, Eric could have happily drained her dry. But he didn’t! He’s been as
gentlemanly as a YouTube pop star dating a Disney Channel tweener just for
paparazzi evidence of his heterosexuality. This proves, Eric argues, that his
intentions are honorable and he only wants to protect her. And the best way to
do that is by claiming her as his property. Then he leaves her alone to think
over his considerate offer.

So, naturally, she goes running across the
graveyard to Bill’s house,
because who better to tell you’ve just received a proposal to become a hot
Scandinavian’s concubine than your brokenhearted ex, right? But to her great
surprise and annoyance, Sookie is stopped by armed guards who, after checking
in with the big boss, tell her she can go in to see the King.

Bill’s now-royally-pimped out home, Sookie marches right in to find him zipping
his fly, alongside a blushing Katarina.
We all know Katarina as the sexy-librarian type who is part of Marnie‘s coven, but Bill introduces her
as a member of his security team. Sookie can’t help overlook that Katarina’s
got JBF hair and a massive vampire hickey. Awkward! It’s only natural that
Sookie’s a bit miffed over this. Like everyone feels about their exes, she
expected the guy she dumped to retreat to a monastery and spend his celibate
days self-flagellating before her portrait.

After Katarina
leaves, Sookie snarks about Bill now being “King Bill,” which the way
she says it is indeed a dopey sounding title. But to be fair, he couldn’t go
with the more regal “King William” on account of Prince William called dibs on it and everybody knows that vampires,
like the entire nation of Great Britain
and the people of Easter Island, live in
terror of pissing off Queen Elizabeth.

on, she asks him if he could command Eric to sell her back her house. He
reluctantly admits he can’t, even though he’s technically Eric’s superior,
because there are forces even higher than him calling the shots. And nobody
wants to mess with Alan Ball. But Bill does agree to see if he can find
some sort of “workaround.”

she turns to leave, but not before asking how he got to be king. Before he can
answer, she stops him, claiming she just remembered that, aside from his tongue
down her throat during their marathon make-out sessions, everything that’s come
out of his mouth has been vile.

The next day, Sookie gets a surprise visit
from Tara. Other than a brief call
home when Tara continues lying to her, we
don’t get to see much interaction between Tara and her new GF Toni, which is too bad. Tara finally seems to be in a happy, stable relationship,
and we’re getting cheated out of seeing her enjoy it. But I’m thinking Toni’s
bound to show up in Bon Temps at some point herself and that will certainly be

We also
get very little Sookie-Tara happy time, but at least this time their joy at
being together doesn’t devolve into some ridiculous spat like the last 400
times they’ve been together.

What does
set Sookie off, though, are the home improvements that Eric’s made to the house.
Why she’s so upset over this baffles me, given her house is now a thousand
times more tasteful than when Granny “decorated” it. True, Eric
installed a hidden vampire cubby, but at least he did it behind an elegant
armoire that’s just stunning.

Sookie is pissed about Eric’s intrusions into her space and her life, so she
ditches Tara to rush to Fangtasia to confront
him. He’s not there, and Pam tells
Sookie’s she’s free to wait. But not before giving Sookie a little piece of
advice … that she might very well want to take Eric up on his offer, given he
does genuinely care about her, plus he’s rich, plus he’s about the only one who
can keep her alive.

WTF Rating: 1. A sexy
landlord who lords over tenants sexily? Has Eric been hanging out with Amanda Woodward?


So how
did Bill become King anyway? Sookie’s question to him sends him reeling … into
a flashback! Yay!

Eric’s fun Viking and/or Nazi flashbacks, Bill’s flashbacks have always come
across like something you’d see at one of those fake colonial villages during a
school field trip. But this flashback is different! It’s in the 80s, the
greatest decade ever invented! Specifically, it’s 1982, back when a young Joe Piscopo had just arrived at SNL and was teaching an anxious nation
how to laugh again (h/t Marge Simpson).

in rockin’ punk rock England.
Bill comes storming into a bar like Sid
looking for Nancy, all decked out in leather and
mascara and spiked hair. He can’t pull this look off in the slightest but he
gets points for trying.

you know it, he’s successfully hit on a pierced punky bartender, taken him out
to the back alley, and sucked him dry. Only
Bill sucks away at the poor guy’s neck. But he does stop himself just shy of
sucking him dead and glamours the guy to forget all about it.

Then Nan Flanagan steps from the shadows,
where she’s been watching the whole thing. Perv! She’s been watching Bill for some
time and notices that he doesn’t kill those he sucks. She tells him there are
other kinder vampires like him who want to live openly with the humans. In
fact, they’ve got top scientists, including Louis Pasteur, working on creating synthetic blood. True blood, if
you will.

scoffs that the vampire monarchy would never go for this. Nan
responds that that’s why her group is looking for a few good vampires to
infiltrate the monarchy and bring it down from the inside. Bill looks

Later, after a visit from Eric (more on
that later), Bill resumes flashbacking, now remembering more recent
events. We’re back to his Matrix-off
against Sophie-Ann last season.
She’s not at all worried about going head to head with him, because as she
points out, she’s older, more powerful, and she’s got more insurance.

But the
joke’s on her! Because Bill has brought in armed back-up (wuss). These Swat
guys run in and aim laser sights at the Queen, as Bill lets her know the
bullets are wooden with a silver core. Sophie-Ann gets out one last “F
you,” before she’s sprayed by gunfire and turns into a blood geyser all
over Bill’s face.

Nan comes
in and immediately deputizes him, by power of the one true Vampire Authority,
as King. Then she tells him, “Go clean up. You’re covered in Queen.” Which
coincidentally is also the punchline to a joke I know that goes, “What did
the senator’s wife say to him when he got back from the airport restroom?”

WTF Rating: 3. I
never thought I’d admit this, but I’m actually finding Bill’s character
completely intriguing this season. It’s like he’s gone from Bobby Ewing to J.R. in a single episode.

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