“True Blood” Episode 401 Recap: Is Eating Fruit That Glows Ever a Good Idea?


Bill and Eric’s Pissing Contest

Sookie first returns home, both Bill and Eric zip over to her porch to welcome
her back.

Bill, as
usual, is all goopy about how much he cares about her and will always love her
blah blah blah. Sookie says that while she’s sure it was a tough year for him not knowing where she was, for
her it’s only been an hour since he broke her heart (presumably when she
discovered that he’d first come to Bon Temps and seduced her at the Queen’s
behest to get intel on her).

Eric crows that everybody had given her up for dead … everybody except him of
course. During this scene, I was thinking, “Yeah, prove it.” I mean,
it’s easy enough to say something like that to her face, but who knows what he
was really thinking all year long. All this proves is that Bill is too stupid
or too earnest to think of declaring this first.

Anyway, Bill and Eric have bigger issues on
their hands.
All the vampires are now struggling to rehabilitate their images in what is
described as the post-Edgington
world. Ha!

Nan Flanagan, head of the American Vampire League, is
putting together a series of public service announcements trying to assuage the
human public that most vampires won’t rip out their spines. (Nitpicky question
#2: Couldn’t they use these TV spots to glamour the public into forgetting
about Edgington? Or does glamouring only work in person?)

We see Nan trying to shoot a PSA spot at Fangtasia with Pam, who
deadpans all her lines and can’t muster up any enthusiasm at all. But Eric
proves to be a P.R. pro in front of the camera, calmly addressing the public,
explaining that he’s a tax payer and small business owner who just wants to be
treated like everybody else.

He adds
that all the vampire bad-mouthing has come courtesy of politicians. “Who
would you trust more?” he asks. “A vampire, or a politician?”
Good point!

Bill, it seems, is both. While Eric is
addressing the camera, we see Bill out at some sort of building dedication,
charming the senior citizen audience in attendance. He is the living image of
the oily, small-town crooked politician.

But it
turns out, he’s actually much more than that …

Late in the episode, we see Katie, the sexy
librarian witch
from Marnie’s coven, approaching a mansion. She tells the armed guards that
she’s there to visit the King. Then she’s ushered into an office to find … Bill.

someone woke up and crowned him king, Vampire King of Louisiana that is. We still don’t know how
he got the title, but I’d say it means things didn’t end well for Sophie-Ann after their Matrix-like battle in last year’s

Meanwhile, Sookie undresses at home, only to find Eric
popping up right behind her. She demands to know how he could enter her house,
given she’d rescinded her invitation.

your house anymore,” he responds, before dropping this little detail …
“It’s mine.”

So he’s the
mysterious purchaser of her house. Which, contrary to what I said before, seems
to prove he did believe all along she
was alive and would come back.

better, it means Eric can now join the great pantheon of beloved TV landlords.
Like maybe Tara and Lafayette will move in, and the three of them will talk
about adopting a puppy but Eric will overhear and think Sookie’s pregnant, and
then they can all laugh about how gay Lafayette

Then Eric
makes this huge leap in logic. Since he owns the house, he believes he also
“owns” Sookie. I’m not sure I buy that, but it hardly matters,
because next thing you know, he’s got his fangs out and is approaching her

WTF Rating: 3. I didn’t see either of
these twists coming but I like them both.I’ll miss Evan Rachel Wood as
the Queen, but making Bill king makes him more interesting than he’s been in
years. And the Eric home-ownership development brings us one step closer to the
Eric-Sookie coupling we’ve all been hungering for.

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