“True Blood” Episode 401 Recap: Is Eating Fruit That Glows Ever a Good Idea?


Date Night with Lafayette and Jesus

Lafayette and Jesus are officially a LTR
couple, given they’re still together and it’s over a year. In fact, Jesus
introduces Lafayette
as his “partner,” which makes me go, “Squee!”

And like a
good, loving partner, Lafayette
has to agree to get dragged along to things he really doesn’t want to do,
things like meditation retreats and pagan-fests and Lilith fair. Actually,
Lafayette has good reason to be concerned over all this, because it sounds like
Jesus is buttering him up to become a vegan, and that’s just no way to live.

this week, Jesus is bringing Lafayette into the
Moon Emporium, a candles-and-incense boutique that Lafayette says smells like where air
fresheners go to die.

keeps telling Lafayette
that the woman who runs the witches’ circle that meets in the back is the most
powerful he’s ever seen. But when Lafayette
lays eyes on her, she’s a harmless grandmotherly type named Marnie, played by Harry Potter‘s evil aunt, Fiona

witches in the group rush up to greet the gays – Katie, who appears to be some sort of sexy librarian type, and
Merlotte’s waitress Holly. They
explain that Marnie, now with eyes closed and muttering, is trying to commune
with the dead.

Lafayette snickers at this sight,
treating the whole scene with eye-rolling skepticism. But then Marnie starts talking
in this freaky exorcist voice and starts addressing Lafeyette directly. It
becomes clear to him (and to us) that she’s channeling Eddie, the vampire Lafayette traded sex for V with in Season 1. (He
was played by Stephen Root, and
between his and Gary Cole’s appearances, this season is shaping up to be some
sort of weird Office Space reunion. Like
next week we’ll have Jennifer Aniston
as the voice of Marnie’s talking black cat, Jinx.)

The Eddie
voice freaks Lafayette
out and he runs from the room, accusing Jesus of setting him up by telling
Marnie about what went down with Eddie. Jesus assures him he did no such thing,
that magic is for reals!

Later on, Jesus convinces Lafayette to go back for more
Wiccan fun, telling him that he sees great power in Lafayette and wants him to embrace all he can

So they go
back to the shop to find Marnie crying over her dead pet bird. She explains the
bird was her best friend, and she found a spell to guide it easily into the
spirit world. She gets everybody (except Lafayette)
to join hands and chant, only she switches from “We guide you to the
spirit world” after a few chants to “Rise from the dead!”

The others
are all, “Um, we didn’t sign on to make zombie parakeets.” But they
keep going, and Marnie hisses at Lafayette
to join them. When he does, there’s a power surge in the group. The bird rises
from the dead, flies across the room, and promptly drops dead again. (I cracked
up over that.)

Lafayette tells Marnie that he’s
sorry they went through all that and her bird’s still dead. But she just
cackles, saying it doesn’t matter.

WTF Rating: 3. The scenes with Marnie were genuinely
creepy, and once again, this show demonstrates its brilliance in terms of
casting villains. And if they can revive a dead bird, who knows what else they are
going to try to bring back from the dead? Mike
‘ film career? Shudder.

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