“Top Chef Recaps” Recaps: Episode 4.5 “The Elements”


But it’s far from over once Zoi packs her knives and leaves.
First, Spike and Antonia go at it over the butternut squash soup that never
was. He says she should have taken a backseat. She says he should stand behind
his dish. And then all hell breaks loose.

Jennifer: You’re just putting your f—ing teammate
in the ground.
So? So f—ing what?
Yeah, so f—ing what!
That’s weak ass s—.
All right, we get your f—ing point. You’re just making it worse.
I’m sure you would’ve liked to see me go home instead of her because
Earth lost. Cry over it all night long, OK.

Oh. No. He. Di’int.

Dale says Zoi shouldn’t have been sent home, and Lisa tells
him saying it over and over again won’t change anything. At this point Dale
decides it’s time to vent at Lisa (remember, bitter about the bacon). Crotch
grabbing happens. Cursing happens.

And then Jennifer kicks a chair. Do not mess with a woman
whose woman just got sent home. Period.

Next time on Top
Dale tells Lisa she is negative. Lisa tells Dale where he can go.
Jennifer competes for Zoi. Bears fans aren’t impressed. Spike and Andrew share
a bubble bath. Yes, a bubble bath.

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