“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.9 “Wedding Wars”


The tortellini was too dry and sweet. The vegetables didn’t
taste good. The meat was overcooked. They ask who made the crostini and Dale
cops to it, saying, "That’s another thing that I did." And then,
things get really good.

Spike: Get it all
out, man, come on.
Dude, I hustled. I straight up hustled … Look at the prep lists.
You’re saying this as if somebody else just dragged their feet. Is
that what you’re getting at?
Dale, come on dude, please. Who wasn’t doing s—? … Point some
fingers if that’s what you’re doing.
Were they going to get done if I didn’t get them done?

Each insists they had a bigger prep load and pushed the
hardest. Geez, boys, just get out the ruler already. And then.

Spike: Dale, you’re
such a little bitch, bro. Seriously.

That was — wait, let me find the right word — awesome. I
swear, I could watch that scene over and over and over and over. All I need is
some popcorn and the rewind button.

Left at the altar —
The unhappy foursome is sent back to stew some more as the judges make up their
minds. Aside from Lisa, everyone is on the chopping block. Dale took on too
much, Spike took on too little, and Nikki should have taken charge.

In the waiting room, Nikki chastises Dale for being "that
guy" who points fingers. He totally is "that guy."

But who had to pack his/her knives and go? Nikki.

Ah, Nikki. She of the mushroom
and dry mac ‘n’
. While I think she probably should have left episodes ago,
there was plenty of blame to go around on Team Groom. I think the ego war
between Dale and Spike was like a double technical in basketball. No one really
got punished. Instead, after Nikki gets the boot, the two men hug it out.

Next time on Top Chef: A "tall,
dark and handsome" cook comes to guest judge. Lisa cries sabotage. Wait,
who called the cops?


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