“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.9 “Wedding Wars”


Back in the waiting area, Spike tips his hat to Stephanie
and Lisa.

Spike: I have to
give it up for the two ladies who made cakes. Honestly. I definitely wouldn’t
have had a clue on how to make that work.

Fine, I’ll admit that perpetual asshat Spike is being a
little less ass, a lot more hat tip today.

Here comes the bride —
Team Bride gets summoned first. Tom wasn’t wild about Andrew’s repeat
performance breaded chicken. And Padma thought there was a funny taste in the
creamed spinach. Turns out that funny taste was Richard’s idea to add star

But those two quibbles aside, Team Bride was the judges’
favorite. Pastry chef Gale praises Stephanie’s wedding cake. Tom loved Antonia’s
pizza. Padma thought Richard’s brisket was fantastic. I think Padma’s, um, brisket
is looking mighty fantastic, too.

Guest judge Gale gets to pick the winner, and she picks —
man this is getting automatic — Richard. But then he says he wants to name
Stephanie the winner. So she gets the $2,000 gift certificate to Crate &
Barrel. And then she says she wants to share it with Richard. It’s a lovefest
between the two honorary chefbians. Kumbaya, anyone?

Cold feet — Now
it’s Team Groom’s turn to face the judgey music as the losing team. The judges
ask who did what. They then ask who was in charge.

Nikki: In no way
am I playing executive chef in this.

Does this seem like a winning strategy to anyone?

So, what did they like? Lisa’s cake. What did they dislike? Just
about everything else.


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