“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.9 “Wedding Wars”

On Team Groom, Dale is the one in the kitchen making all the
hot food. And, as you might have guessed, he’s not quiet about "having no
support," either.

The judges like everything on the Team Bride plate except
Andrew’s chicken and creamed spinach.

Here comes the groom —
J.P. comes to check out his spread. He loads up his plate on the grilled
veggies. Nikki tells him he doesn’t have to take so much. Wow, trying to get
people to eat less of your food? That’s
not a good sign.

The judges should have heeded Nikki’s warning to eat less.
They call the tortellini too sweet and the veggies unattractive.

Then it’s time to cut the cake. They worry that Stephanie’s
five-layer bride’s cake might fall over, but it withstands slicing, to everyone’s
great relief.

While toppling isn’t a concern for Lisa’s square groom’s
cake, she is no less worried. But it passes the taste test, much to her great

Sleep to dream — Back
in the Stew Room, the cheftestants are going on over 36 hours without sleep.
There is less chatter, more yawning as they await the judges’ decision.

At Judges’ Table, guest judge Gale is sympathetic to what
the chefs went through in their all-night wedding marathon. The rest of the
judges are also impressed by the team formerly known as Fork’s decision to pick
the bride.


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