“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.9 “Wedding Wars”

Losing my religion —
Now it’s time for Dale and Richard to get busy with the monkfish. They hack
into the prehistoric-looking creature. Seriously, nightmares.

Now, I have to question the wisdom of Team Fork putting
Richard on fish duty. Does no one else remember the
scales incident

Dale flies through his fish. But Lisa says his filets are
pretty gnarly looking. Still, how can you expect pretty filets out of a fish
that ugly? They finish within seconds of one another, which means it’s all down
to the condiments.

What, no Miracle
Whip? —
Nikki and Stephanie start making their mayo. It takes egg yolks,
Dijon mustard, lemon, oil and really strong forearms.

Both women say they feel like their arms are going to fall off.
Their respective teammates are urging them on. But it seems like the whisking
will never end. And then Stephanie fills her quart measuring cup. Her teammates
respond by nearly smothering her to death with a hug.

Over on Team Spoon, however, Dale is not feeling the love.
He punches a locker and screams "F—!" Bad sport, much?

Antonia: Dale
decided to have a temper tantrum and he punched the locker and then had to have
his diaper changed.

Awesome. Actually, the whole relay was awesome. Please, Padma,
I want some more.

Love is war — While
the Quickfire Challenge was a sprint, the Elimination Challenge is a marathon.
Padma asks if they’ve all heard of Restaurant Wars, the Top Chef staple where teams compete to open their own restaurant
from scratch. She tells them that this year there won’t be Restaurant Wars.

All the chefs are bummed by the news, since most of them
have aspirations of opening their own eatery one day. But before they all have a
Dale-style tantrum, two mystery guests walk into the kitchen.

Who is this couple? They’re Cory and J.P., and they just
happen to be getting married tomorrow.

That’s right, chefs, it’s Wedding Wars time. Their challenge
is to cater the couple’s wedding. One team will make food for Cory and her 125 guests,
the other for JP and his 125 guests.

The chefs go from being bummed to being scared. Many of them
have no catering experience. Making matters worse is the fact that the couple
runs their own restaurant and wedding venue. So, you know, no pressure.

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