“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.8 “Common Threads”

While Tom agrees the dish was healthy, he says the
underseasoning on the beans was "shocking." But what guest judge Art
finds shocking is Lisa’s attitude. After the chefs leave, the judges mull over
their choices.

Art: If you’re going
to be a great chef, you’ve got to take criticism. Lisa was like really, really

Back in the waiting room, Lisa is indeed stewing. She says
she tasted her dish and thought the judges would complain that it was
overseasoned. And she says, point blank, "I’m going home."

Common threads of
badness —
Mark’s plate is next, and Tom declares it a "sloppy plate of
food" that wasn’t appealing on "so many different levels." And
then they all bemoan the fall of Stephanie.

Tom: Stephanie,
up until now, has been very, very sensible in her choices, and everything is
seasoned well and well-thought-out. I didn’t find this to be well-thought-out
at all.

Padma is less generous.

Padma: It’s
disgusting. I really detested it. The couscous was awful.

Don’t be shy, honey, tell us how you really feel.

In the waiting room, Stephanie says she is nervous. I’m
nervous, too. Things don’t look good for our little honorary chefbian.

Once they’re all back in to face the judges, Tom says all
their dishes shared the Common Thread of missing the mark. But who has to pack
his/her knives and go? Mark.

Tom: Just for the
record, again, I don’t dislike you. You’ve been a great competitor, you’ve been
fun to be around, and I’m sure we’ll catch up after this and share a beer or a
pint as you guys say.

Basically, I feel the same way. I’ve never disliked Mark and
thought he was good fun. But, that said, whew.
The honorary and real chefbians dodged a major bullet with this one.

I thought it was curtains for sure for Stephanie, but the
judges again saw something in her — beyond her gross peanut butter, tomato and
lemon sauce — they thought was worth saving. I do too, but damn that is one
lucky girl. Maybe that
Yoda backpack
is more powerful than we ever imagined.

time on
The cheftestants curse, mainline caffeine and seek therapy as they stay awake
for 14 hours straight in the name of holy matrimony. And then, after the
credits roll, Bravo gives us one last tidbit from Andrew: "I have a
culinary boner right now." Lord, help us all.



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