“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.7 “Improv”

Antonia and
Lisa’s dish gets dissected first. Tom asks who made the decision to go with
chorizo instead of Polish sausage. Antonia and Lisa say they both did. They
said neither of them had ever enjoyed Polish sausage before, so didn’t want to
put it on the plate.

Tom cuts their
argument to the quick.

Tom: I think you have to incorporate the Polish
sausage; that was your word.

Um, duh?

Lisa: This is my first time on the chopping block,
and finding out that it is because of a slight wording thing is really tough.

Slight wording
thing? You had three word groups you had to use, and you didn’t use one of
them. That’s not slight, that’s major.

Who cut the
cheese? —
Jennifer and
Stephanie’s "orange, turned on, asparagus" ménage à flop is next on
the chopping block. Tom says he had similar issues with their dish as he had
with Antonia and Lisa’s. He thought the goat cheese was front and center
instead of the asparagus.

But they had explained
earlier that they picked the cheese because it turns a nice orange color when
cooked. Nonetheless, guest judge/pastry chef Johnny Hairdo says he thought the
composition on the plate was "a train wreck."

And then the
lesbian is put in the awkward position of explaining the penis joke inherent in
the dish.

Jennifer: We were definitely trying to make the plate
look phallic …We wanted the asparagus to be, like, coming up.

All the judges
kind of giggle at this. All the judges except for Johnny Hairdo, who apparently
thinks the phallus is no laughing matter. He really hated the bread, which he
thought was too big, hard and soggy. No comment.

Padma asks who
made what, and all of a sudden I’m not laughing either, because Jennifer cops
to making the bread and cheese. All hands on deck: chefbian in trouble.

Cuts like a
knife —
Back in the waiting
room, Lisa is mad that Polish sausage in beer would have been a better dish
than Chilean sea bass with chorizo. She’s also mad that some drunken people
yelled out "Polish sausage" in the first place.

Lisa: These f—ing people that were drunk in a
comedy show said "Polish sausage" and I got faulted.

Well, those
were the rules.

The judges
deliberate and argue about their central decision.

Ted: So which is worse? Antonia and Lisa not really
focusing on the main ingredient or Jen and Steph giving us something that was
kind of a muddle?

Tom says
whether or not they left a few things out of the challenge, he enjoyed the fish
more than the asparagus. Ted, again, brings up the key issues: better dish
versus rules of the challenge.

Tom, again,
thinks that while they used asparagus, cheese dominated the dish. Johnny Hairdo
chimes in that of the two dishes, this was his least favorite taste-wise.

This is not a
drill, folks, this is a DEFCON 1 chefbian emergency. We need all hands, all hands on deck!

So long,
farewell —
Back to face the
music, Tom sings them a sad song. He says the challenge was about improvising,
and in both cases the dishes got off track.

Tom: You guys are all very accomplished, and this
technicality is all we have to go on right now. At the end of the day we had to
go by what was our least favorite dish.

And that was?
Jennifer and Stephanie’s.

Who has to pack
her knives and go? Jennifer.

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