“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.7 “Improv”


Once at Second
City, the requisite hilarity ensues. The chefbian and honorary chefbian
contingent sure seems to be having a ball.

improv —
Then the performers
ask the audience to yell out words in different categories: colors, emotions
and ingredients. Oh, chefs, get ready for cooking with Mad Libs. Turns out each crazy
combination of words is a course the chefs will have to make in the Elimination
Challenge. What was it Richard was saying earlier about writing the menu being
as important as the food?

Lisa: My immediate thought is that we are f—ed.

Well, with
words like "perplexed," "depressed" and "turned on"
thrown out there, I’d have to agree. Nothing says "yummy" like
depressed food.

Back at the
house the chefs pair themselves off and then draw numbers from a hat to get
their course. The results:

Andrew/Spike – yellow, love,
Stephanie/Jennifer – orange, turned
on, asparagus
Dale/Richard – green, perplexed,
Antonia/Lisa – magenta, drunk,
Polish sausage
Mark/Nikki – purple, depressed,

Food porn — At the grocery store, the chefs reveal their
game plans. Jennifer and Stephanie decide on a mix of oranges, goat cheese and
asparagus. But how will they get it turned on?

Jennifer: I’m feeling pretty good about having a ménage à
trois in my future.

Look, whatever
you ladies want to do in the privacy of your own kitchen is fine with me. I
promise not to tell Zoi.

Richard and
Dale and their "perplexing" cooking styles decide to marinate their
tofu in beef fat. That sound you just heard was a million vegetarians
screaming, "Nooooooo!"

Richard then
declares that their dish is like a Seinfeld sketch.

Richard: This tofu tastes like beef … what’s up with

That sound you
just heard was a million comedy writers screaming, "Nooooooo!"

No Polish
jokes, please —
Antonia and
Lisa have by far the easiest combination: magenta, drunk, Polish sausage. But
they bristle at the idea of making a simple beer-and-sausage dish.

Lisa: I’m not going to dumb down my food because of
what some drunken schmuck screamed out in an audience.

So instead they
pick Chilean sea bass, Mexican tequila and Portuguese chorizo. Antonia says it’s
their version of "improv." I think they have some secret grudge
against Poland.

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