“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.6 “Tailgating”

At this point Tom has had enough and finally makes the
rambling stop.

Tom: But this challenge was not about that. This
challenge was simple food to the masses.

Ryan, mercifully, has almost no reply. Thank heavens for
small miracles.

Then it’s Mark’s turn to get sacked. Tom didn’t like the
soup’s rough texture. Mark didn’t strain it because he didn’t feel like it. But
the food wasn’t even the biggest problem. Tom takes him to task for messy
presentation, cooking area and personal appearance.

Apparently he tasted the soup with a spoon, put the spoon
right back in the soup and then served the judges with the same spoon. Note to self:
Find out where Mark works. Never eat there.

Tom: There was more food on your apron than on your

Least Valuable Player — After their sound thumping,
the terrible three are sent back to stew. The judges handicap their weaknesses:
Nikki’s store-bought sausage. Ryan’s inappropriate and unimpressive tailgate

Awaiting her fate, Nikki seems more concerned about having
to endure another of Ryan’s rambles than having to pack up her knives. She
commiserates with Stephanie.

Nikki: Ryan is so long-winded. Have you ever been up
there with him? He, like, doesn’t shut up.

Finally Mark’s food and hygiene gets reviewed.

Tom: It was so unsanitary I felt like walking away
from that table.

But who has to pack his/her knives and go? Ryan.

The schmooze loses. But not before getting in one last
schmooze when he thanks the judges for the opportunity, saying "all of you
are great" and shakes their hands. Afterward he says the experience made
him realize he’s not "the s—." Well, duh.

The response from his fellow cheftestants to his departure?
Let’s just say it wasn’t the four-hankie
that was Zoi’s departure.

OK, fine, they all do eventually come give him a hug.

Next time on Top Chef: The chefs have to
improv their pastry skills. And then they have to do improv for laughs. And we
get our first polish sausage gay guy joke. Thank you very much, you’ve been a
great crowd.

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