“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.6 “Tailgating”


Hair of the dog — But enough boozing; how did they
do? The worst: Nikki (not much seasoning), Spike (not a united dish), Dale (not
moist enough).

When Spike’s name is called, Jennifer can’t help but
snicker. I can’t either. Oh, heck, let’s all snicker at the "talented dude"

And it just keeps getting better for the chefbians. Lisa has
a few choice words for Dale’s bottom-three showing.

Lisa: After the outburst that Dale had on me I was
like, good, bitch, have fun on the bottom.

Best served cold — The best: Richard (great bold
flavors), Stephanie (great with the beer), Jennifer (great balance of flavors).
But the winner and recipient of the much-coveted immunity? Jennifer. Savor that
sweet, succulent taste of revenge, honey.

Spike has his own, shall we say, congratulatory words for

Spike: I’m sure she feels on top of the world after
Zoi getting booted. Like, yeah lesbians, here we go!

Yeah lesbians? Yeah? Lesbians? Since he’s not wearing the
hat, I’ll have to settling with calling Spike an ass right now.

Are you ready for some football — Next comes a bear
of an Elimination Challenge. They are going to Soldier Field to cook at a Bears
football game tailgating party.

As a Chicago native and big Bears fan, Dale is excited. Mark
has never even played American football. And Jennifer just wants to full-on
tackle you know who, pads or no pads.

Jennifer: The fact that Spike is still here and [Zoi]
is not, that’s just total bulls—.

True that, true that.

At the grocery store, Spike swoops in and buys all the
chicken wings. Dale goes for ribs. Nikki picks sausage and peppers. Richard
buys 25 pounds of pork to make a pâté melt. Get it? Patty, pâté. Groan, again.
How many food-based puns is this guy going to cook?

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