“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.4 “Film Food”


Do these grapes taste sour? — Back in the holding
area, the mood is considerably less harmonious. The unchosen ones still can’t
wrap their brains around Richard’s wasabi–white chocolate concoction.

Nikki: Richard is like light years away from the way
I cook.
White chocolate, celery root and wasabi? I would never think to
do that.
I’m sorry, but those flavors to me don’t go together.
That doesn’t taste good, I promise. And if this is what they want,
then see you later.

With that, Richard and the rest of the chefs walk in and
announce his win. I’m betting that Zoi
wishes she could suck back her words. Well, that or that she could kill Richard
with her Chefbian Glare of Death (trademark pending).

And the news just keeps getting worse. Teams Talk to Her and
Good Morning, Vietnam must now go and face the judges.

Antonia and Zoi are surprised by their least-favored status.
They thought their lamb was cooked perfectly and the flavors were nice. But Tom
says the problem wasn’t in the product but its marketing. The judges were sold
on a dish with strong flavors and vibrant colors, but that’s not what appeared
on their plates.

Talk to the hand — The good news for team Talk to
? You can always talk your way out of a bad marketing pitch.

They cop to not having the vibrant colors they’d imagined on
the plate, but said the two lamb chops were meant to playfully represent the
two women. They make a lot of emphatic hand gestures, which I find always helps
when backpedaling wildly.

In fact, it seems to be working. Padma is listening closely.

More hand gesturing. More backpedaling. Antonia says what
they loved about the movie was how it was about the simple connection between
the women. Ding-ding-ding, we have a winner.

Congratulations, ladies, you’ve just talked yourself out of

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