“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.4 “Film Food”

The fifth course Talk to Her gals are carefully
slicing and plating their rack of lamb. Zoi and Stephanie explain their choice
of film to the judges.

Zoi: The women in the movie are very passionate
women, so we felt that this movie well represented two strong females with a
passion for what they do.
Our inspiration was vibrant colors, reds and greens, and that
vibrant color and feel from Spain.

Then we see the dish. Not so vibrant. The judges call it out
for not representing the fiery passion the women talked about. Aisha calls it
good, but not transcendent and says she doesn’t feel transported to Spain. She
may be asking for a lot from a lamb chop.

The cow jumped over the moon — Finishing out the
dinner with their Top Secret-inspired New York strip and short rib wontons
are Stephanie and chefbian Lisa. They drizzle a savory caramel finishing sauce
over the dish, and Padma takes the opportunity to lick her knife, again. Geez,
they’re killing me with this stuff.

The judges and guests all love its originality. But Ted
asked the crucial question:

Ted: Does it say Val Kilmer in a cow suit?

Oh, Ted, there was a reason you were my favorite Queer

The judges huddle after the meal to compare notes. Team Willy
‘s dish gets much love for its surprising flavor combinations
and whimsical style. Team Good Morning, Vietnam gets dissed for its

The Il Postino and A Christmas Story pairs get "good" and
"nice jobs" respectively. No such love is shared for the Talk to
duo’s non-vibrant dish. And Team Top Secret gets called
flawless. That may be the best review that movie has ever received.

Cut to the two bottom duos reviewing their own performance.
Manuel is concerned that their dish might have been too simple, while Zoi is
confident that their dish is delicious. Ruh-roh.

Simply the best — Padma and the dress enter the
waiting room and call the Willy Wonka and Top Secret teams to the
Judges’ Table. Everyone seems genuinely nervous as the judges let them squirm
through a long, cruel pause before finally revealing that they were the top
teams. Then it’s group hugs all around.

Tom praises them for both their food and the way they
connected their food to their films. The judges want to know who in the
Chocolate Factory had the ideas for the wasabi–white chocolate sauce (Richard)
and faux caviar (Andrew). Tom confesses that he was looking for reasons to not
like the strange combination but couldn’t find any.

Next the Top Secret gals spill their secret to
success. Their idea started with Lisa’s savory caramel sauce. Ted said he
worried that having two sauces (a reduction and a caramel) would muck up the
flavors, but instead everything was harmonious. Also looking harmonious are
Stephanie and Lisa, who are practically glowing.

But only one team and one chef can win, so cut the suspense
— who is it? Chef Boulud picks Team Willy Wonka and its leader Richard
as the winner. Is it just me or does he look more and more like a chefbian with
each passing episode? I think it’s the faux hawk; it seems to be growing

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