“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.4 “Film Food”


Jennifer confesses that it’s more difficult than she thought
competing against her girlfriend, Zoi. She also says she knows it will only get
harder, but she thinks they both have a good shot at continuing on. Not if she
keeps flirting with the competition, they don’t.

Following them with the fourth course are Zoi and Antonia.
They go with Talk to Her because it is about two creative woman. So far
I have to say nice movie picks, chefs.

I’m with stupid — But, oh dear, I spoke too soon.
Fifth course pair Ryan and Mark clearly don’t have any films in common in their
Netflix queues. Ryan is less than thrilled to be working with the guy from "New
Zealand, New England, where the hell is Mark from?" What was that about
Ryan being as dense as
his gnocchis
, again?

The odd couple’s favorite movies?

Ryan: I love Dumb and Dumber, I think it’s
funnier than s—.
To Kill a Mockingbird.

These jokes, they just write themselves.

They finally settle on A Christmas Story, a film
whose name Ryan can’t remember and Mark clearly hasn’t seen. Well, as long as
no one shoots his eye out, they might still have a chance.

The final twosome of Stephanie and Lisa have the sixth
course, but quickly decide that they don’t want to make dessert. Instead, they
go with beef and short ribs. And what movie perfectly illustrates beef and
short ribs? According to Lisa, Top Secret.

OK, if you’ve ever seen Top Secret you know that the
scene in question involves Val Kilmer in a cow suit and some inappropriate
relations with a baby calf. I am now officially frightened by the way Lisa’s
mind works.

To market, to market — Back at Whole Foods, the chefs
have $150 spend on ingredients. Andrew is beyond excited about their smoked
salmon and faux caviar with wasabi–white chocolate sauce dish. Yes, white
chocolate and wasabi. More on that later.

Andrew: I have no doubt in my mind that the people
that will be eating this food will culinarily crap in their pants when they see
what we have for them.

Wow, that is some incredibly unfortunate imagery there,
buddy. As a good rule of thumb, the words "food" and "crap"
should never be in close proximity to each other. While Andrew works on his
metaphors, the other teams run into their own problems.

Zoi and Antonia realize that rack of lamb is expensive, so
they will need to be extra careful cutting the chops. And Mark and Ryan realize
the store doesn’t have duck for the Christmas feast, so they go with quail.

Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-dee — The morning of the
Elimination Challenge, Andrew has yet another crazy idea. He wants to be an
Oompa Loompa while serving the food so he can "make more of a connection"
with the movie. Dale deems the idea too kitschy; Richard deems it too
tongue-in-cheek. I deem it just another day inside the insane carnival that is
Andrew’s brain.

Once in the kitchen, the chefs are a frenzy of activity. It’s
intense, it’s interesting, it’s a miracle. The food looks great, too.
Seriously, I’m starving now.

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