“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.2 “Zoo Food”

Meanwhile on Team Vulture, Zoi is worried about what she will have to cook along with Mark and Manuel. Can you pan-sear a decomposing carcass? Luckily, they all get dossiers on their animal’s diet, and there is nary a sun-bloated piece of roadkill in sight.

At this point I’d like to note that getting the word sun-bloated into a story about cooking may be my crowning literary achievement to date.

Team Girl-illa (Valerie, Stephanie, Antonia) supplement their great ape’s vegetarian fare with some meat. Valerie worries about what PETA the judges will say. Team Lion (Ryan, Richard, Erik) gets its carnivore on, Team Penguin (Jennifer, Lisa, Andrew) go under the sea, and Team Bear (Dale, Spike, Nikki) argue about control.

Smells like team spirit — Back at the townhouse, Jennifer and Zoi are lying together in bed, discussing which animal they’d like to be. Aww, chefbian snuggle moment. Zoi picks a bear.

Meanwhile, Mark and Dale pose the classic Superman vs. Mighty Mouse argument but with bear vs. vulture. Mark argues vulture, Dale mocks him with his bear-like ego. Mark assures the cameras that despite his immunity, he still plans to come at the challenge with guns blazing.

Team Girl-illa are nervous because no one has catering experience. I’d be nervous too, but I’m too busy wondering whether black clogs are the chef shoe of choice. I also wonder if any of those shoes are bi-curious. But that’s just my mind wandering again.

Another stop at Whole Foods and the chefs gather up their ingredients. Seeing them run around always reminds me of that old game show Supermarket Sweep. I don’t know why, but I was mesmerized by that show as kid. Maybe it was just the wonder of turning the acquisition of food into a game of skill. But I digress.

Spike tips his hand by revealing that his strategy is to "morph into an animal" for the Elimination Challenge, instead of the lackadaisical bum he is during the Quickfire. He also says he is "molesting the produce section." Freud, much?

Elsewhere in the produce section, Lisa trips on a stray veggie that was on the floor. Clean up in aisle six! Spike walks past her with an incredible grin on his face, and for some reason the Beastie Boys song "Sabotage" starts running through my head.

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