“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.2 “Zoo Food”


Time to chow down. Whose cuisine reigned supreme? Oh, wait, wrong show.

  • Richard‘s eucalyptus chicken soup: Not terribly strong in eucalyptus.
  • Ryan‘s sirloin steak: Properly cooked, simple, tasty.
  • Dale‘s mushroom egg: I like these mushrooms.
  • Valerie‘s seared rib eye: Very refreshing, very juicy.
  • Spike‘s apples and tips: I thought this was going to be a sandwich.
  • Erik‘s lamb chops: All right, thank you.
  • Mark‘s peach cream sirloin: Nice sideburns.
  • Andrew‘s petite lamb chops: Disqualified for using a sixth ingredient, balsamic vinegar.

Andrew: I’m a dumbass, what can I say … I can only focus on a certain amount of things at a time. I’m kind of a little scatter-brained like that.

I hereby add the nickname ADD Andrew to his previously dubbed moniker, F-bomber Andrew.

The Bad: Spike (wasn’t creative), Erik (wasn’t a composed plate), Richard (wasn’t refined). The Good: Ryan (was moist and juicy), Valerie (was flavorful), Mark (was nicely brought together).

Mark is named the winner and gets immunity, thanks to his missing lettuce ad lib. Though I think there might be some vast sideburn conspiracy at work here.

Animal magnetism — The Elimination Challenge arrives, and it’s time to draw knives. Words such as vulture and bear are printed on each blade. The chefs start to panic.

Antonia: OK, so people definitely eat bear. So, I’m like, can you braise bear?

Next they see lion. ADD Andrew focuses his mind enough to know that he wants lion. He then proceeds to make a growling sound that can best be described as a mix between Daffy Duck and the MGM lion.

Penguin and gorilla are the final knives, and thanks to the latter’s endangered status, the chefs all realize that the animals won’t be their entrees. Instead, they form teams of three according to the beast they’ve drawn. Their task is to cater a cocktail party for 200 based on their respective animal’s diet.

Oh, and that party, it’s at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. At this point I think Jennifer might have the edge, since her nickname is the Beast.

Speaking of our lady-hawked chefbian, Bravo continues to try to mine for dyke drama by having Jennifer comment on Zoi not being on her team. She says it’s fine, but once they make it to the final three, then they’ll really get to butt heads. She makes an accompanying fist-bump gesture.

This reminds me of that scene on The L Word where Jodi teaches the gals the sign for lesbian sex. Look, this episode is a little slow; Andrew’s not the only one whose mind wanders.

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