“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.13 “Puerto Rico”


And the winner: Stephanie.
She is, as always, cute as a button as she tells the judges it is her first
Quickfire win.

Party! Party! Party! — With immunity off the table, Padma tells her
she will learn what her advantage is tomorrow. But first they are invited to a
party in old San Juan
with the traditional food and music of the island.

I worry it might be
another Top Chef twist. It seems almost every time they’re told go have
fun, they end up having to work instead. But once they arrive, the drums are
thumping, the rum is flowing and the whole pig is roasting. A good time is had
by all.

Well, almost all.
As the chefs and judges eat and dance, Lisa goes up to onlooker Richard and
tells him he needs to come dance with everyone. But it seems Richard forgot to
pack his dancing shoes. He says he doesn’t want to dance with everyone.

Oh, Richard. Even
if you have two left feet and are wearing cement shoes, what red-blooded
American male (or lesbian) would pass up the chance to dance with this?

See, Lisa knows
what to do. She’s thinking, if I can just dance close enough …

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do. — It’s the morning after the night before, and
the chefs are all ready to cook. They are on the grounds of
Fortaleza, a 16th-century fort that is now the private residence of the Puerto
Rican governor. Padma and Tom tell them that tomorrow night the site will host
a garden party with 100 VIPs and chefs who want to taste what the Top Chefs can
do. But what will they be making?

Tom: In Puerto Rico, it’s just not a party without a pig.

That’s right, they each get a whole freaking pig. They will
need to make at least two dishes from different parts of the pig. Oh man, I’m
having total fetal pig dissection flashbacks from my high school science class

From the looks of things, so is Antonia.

Antonia: The
challenges have gotten progressively so much harder. I mean, when we first got
to Chicago we
were making pizza, and now we’ve got an entire pig. Deep dish is looking real
good right now.

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