“Top Chef” Recaps: Episode 4.12 “High Steaks”


Stephanie gets grilled next, but it’s more like a gentle
sauté. Tom says that while, obviously, the chefs are under a lot of pressure,
at no time does she show it while working. Gail chimes in, "Except right now."

Stephanie: You
guys are freaking me out.

Seriously, she could not get any cuter.

Tramonto says her sweetbreads were cooked "beautifully."
Padma assumes her entrée is a dish she has made lots of times before. But
Stephanie says it’s her first time.

Then it’s Lisa’s turn under the microscope. Gail says she
loved the lemon in the appetizer but wishes the shrimp were warm. Tramonto says
he struggled with the dish. Wait — I thought he thought the lemon was great?
Padma asks if she has made the entrée before. She says she has, many times.

Tramonto: You
know when I read the dish I wanted to hate it. And when I ate it, it was
interesting and if the technician work had been done a little better, I think
it would have really exploded the dish.

Antonia’s dishes are next. She says she made dishes that she
would like to eat at a steakhouse. They agree with her entrée and say both the
steak and the gratin was a perfect fit for the restaurant.

Blame it on the rain —
And, finally, it’s time for butcher boy Spike. He repeats his tale of love
with the tomahawk steak, and Gail concurs that her steak was cooked and rested
well and tasted good. But the others have a cleaver to grind with his choice of

Tom: I guess you
get this far with five people left, you are in a restaurant and the scallops
come in there frozen — send them back. Choose something else. I was really
surprised that you stuck with those scallops. They were really terrible.
Being a chef is all about choices … I mean a vendor brings in
something like that in your restaurant in the back door, you’ve got to be able
to say, "You know what? Change in plan, change in direction."

At this point, you can practically see Spike’s wheels
turning. Who can he blame? Who can he blame? Who can he … ?

Spike: Well, with
all due respect, they were in your walk-in, and it should never made it in the
walk-in if it’s not high quality.

At this point, please enjoy a montage of people’s reactions.

I believe that’s the visual equivalent of an "Oh no he
di’int!" Oh, dude, you just realize you blamed the guest judge for your own mistake, right? God, I have to
rewind that.

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