“Top Chef” Recap: Episode 4.11 “Restaurant Wars”

Hey, you really, really look familiar —
Before Bourdain
leaves, he drops one last surprise on the teams. But this time it’s a good
surprise. Because of the grueling demands of Restaurant Wars, each team will
get one additional pair of hands. And where will those hands come from?

Maybe you know these people from such shows as
this one.

Indeed, it’s the four most recently eliminated Top Chef contestants: Andrew, Nikki,
Mark and Jennifer.

Aw, it’s great to see chefbian Jennifer back on the show because
if nothing else, her faux-hawk is far superior to Richard’s.

Bourdain says that since Team ARS (he calls them Woodstock)
got to pick first last time, Team LSD (he calls them Altamont) will get to pick
first now. Dammit, I think his nicknames might be better than mine.

Team LSD picks Jennifer. Chefbians unite!

I think choosing Jen is the best decision we could
have possibly made. Jen is an amazing chef, she is a hard worker, she’s got a
great attitude towards everything.

Remind me why she isn’t still on the show again?

Team ARS picks Nikki, and Antonia immediately tells her that
she is their pasta savior.

Don’t boil over —
With three hours left to cook, the teams
put their heads down and get to work. Dale’s head is hanging for another
reason. The avocado mousse he made to go with his halo-halo has turned out
gray. Mmm, nothing says "dig in" like gray food.

Apparently he dropped a brown, rotten avocado into the mix,
and Lisa says the mistake has put him on edge. As he storms around the kitchen
Lisa has yet
another rice issue
. Her rice has been pulled off the burner too
soon. If I was her, I’d take this as a sign that the universe does not want her
to cook rice. Or maybe just Dale.

They then proceed to tell each other to calm down and chill
out. Hey kettle, your pot is black.

I am not going to try to make a big conflict with
Dale, there is no point. You know, you are going to set the tone for me. And as
much as I try to overcome your poor attitude, it is going to bring my attitude
down. It’s not the appropriate way to behave, but it’s human nature.

How very Zen of her. As you can see, Team LSD is totally taking
their Buddhist theme to heart. Ahem.

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