“Top Chef” Recap: Episode 4.10 “Serve and Protect”

The challenge is to make a "low carb, low sugar and low
fat" lunch. She thinks a couple shrimp won’t hurt. But then she obsesses
about the rules again. Clearly, she has not let go of the non-drunken/non-Polish
sausage debacle

Lisa: It really
sucks when … you have a dish that the judges can’t say a single negative thing
about, but because you didn’t specifically follow the rules to a T you are on
the chopping block. So I want to be sure I’m clear on what needs to be done.

Make it tasty. Make it healthy. Make it with all four
ingredients. Sounds simple enough, right?

Check yourself before
you wreck yourself —
Head judge Tom Colicchio enters in his blue chef
jacket of judgment. He makes his rounds, checking up first on Stephanie’s mushroom
leek soup with meatballs and then taking up Lisa’s dare to try her homemade hot
sauce. From the look on his face afterward, he wishes he had been more of a

As his mouth cools down, Tom visits Spike and asks if all
his exclusive ingredients are going to good use in his chicken salad. Spike
says he has considered just putting the tomatoes on display, but will in fact
slice them onto the sandwich. Sliced tomatoes on a sandwich, wow, score one for

Richard asks Tom if he likes burritos. Tom says it depends
on if they are good. You gotta love Tom. Richard thinks cops will like
burritos, especially his play on them with lentils, rice and grilled tuna.
Yeah, that’s every cop’s dream burrito.

Richard: I am
very nervous. I don’t want to go home over a boxed lunch, chef.

As Tom leaves, he calls the seven remaining chefs the "cream
of the crop" and praises them for "thinking their way around
problems." He says he thinks they’ll see some really great dishes. Who
knew he was such an optimist?

High tension — As
Lisa finished her dish, she says everything is going well. But then she checks
her rice. She says her burner has been turned up to high. So the rice is now
burnt on the outside and undercooked on the inside. And, given its long cook
time, she won’t be able to make another batch.

Lisa: I can’t
believe that someone has sabotaged me on, like, the most important time-sensitive
part of my dish … Now I am so screwed.

But the other contestants aren’t so sure it was sabotage. Stephanie
says she thinks "people make a mistake or let a mistake happen" and
then blame it on other people. Dale says "that kind of s— happens all
the time" by accident, and talk of sabotage is just a form of "covering
their own ass."

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