“Top Chef” Recap: Episode 4.10 “Serve and Protect”


Hey, he looks
familiar —
Greeting the chefs in the Top
Kitchen is Padma — again rocking an off-the-shoulder ode to
Jennifer Beals in Flashdance

— and Top Chef Season 2 finalist Sam
Talbot, today’s guest judge. As they strike a pose side by side, the pair looks
like the Sid and
of cooking.

Antonia is in instant lust.

Antonia: Oh my
God — tall, dark and handsome, and he can cook. Sign me up.

Oh honey, honey. Let the man at least cook you dinner first.

What kind of dressing
do you want with that? —
The Quickfire Challenge is to bring back a dish
that Padma says has fallen on some hard times. I immediately envision a sad
plate of food on the side of the road with a "Will work for food" sign.
Though, now that I think about it, the sign should probably read "Will
work to be dinner."

So what is this poor, sad hobo dish? The humble salad. All
the chefs seem to be in agreement that salads are a challenging and worthy
dish. Gosh, am I the only one who remembered Carlos from Season 2 being kicked
off for only making a salad?

The Quickfire Challenge is to bring the sexyback to salad. God,
what part of culture has Justin
not invaded? We can’t even keep him out of our food anymore. If
Padma had said they only had "Four Minutes" to save the salad, his
total world domination would be complete. Luckily, the chefs get 45 minutes to
save the salad.

Spike takes the challenge literally — too literally.

Spike: I’m
planning to make something that says let’s have sex after we eat this salad.

OK, fine, but I think a condom salad would be kind of chewy.

Please note that as he says this, Bravo shows us a
corresponding clip of Spike quite literally beating his meat. Yeah, that was

Eyes on your own pan —
Lisa, in the meantime, is sizing up her competition and says she sees a lot of
salads that are simple and basic.

Lisa: Obviously
there are people here who don’t deserve to be here. They are not that great of
chefs and their personalities suck ass.

People in glass kitchens, lady.

As she says this she levels a stare at Dale.

Antonia, however, is staring at Lisa and all the high-end
products like lobster and squid she is using in her salad. She decides,
belatedly, that Lisa might be some competition after all.

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