“Top Chef” Recap: Episode 4.10 “Serve and Protect”

Andrew stops, but says it is ironic that the contestant he
tried to help by mentioning the cholesterol in the shrimp is the same one who
threw him under the bus. He says it shows him who she is. She says it has
nothing to do with who she is, but "when you’re in a competition you’re in
a competition."

Andrew: There’s
no honor in that.

From the look on Lisa’s face, she thinks honor is way

Getting judgey with
it —
The judges deliberate. Tom says they won’t accept Lisa’s claim of
sabotage as an excuse. Ted says even without the rice, the shrimp were nasty.
Sam is underwhelmed by what Spike did with his exclusive ingredients. Tom
agrees, calling it a failure of imagination. And then there is Andrew. No whole
grain. An arrogant response to the judges. Good times all around.

The arguing continues in the Stew Room. Blah blah, take
responsibility. Blah blah, under the bus. Blah blah, expletives deleted.

But the yelling is cut short because the judges reach a
unanimous decision. As Tom spanks them all one last time, he then says, "Unfortunately
someone is going home for a boxed lunch." So, who has to pack his/her
knives and go? Andrew.

He takes it astonishingly well.

Andrew: No
security necessary. I will bow out of this competition with honor and respect.
Thank you very much for this opportunity. If I may shake your hands.

Rules weren’t mean to
be broken —
In the after-boot interview, he says he has no hard feelings for
the other chefs, but he is never going to talk to any of them again. Well, except
for Spike. He says he is "mad cool." I rewind it to double check. Did
he mean a mad hatter? Guess not.

He then says he sees Lisa for what she is: weak.

Lisa: It sucks,
but if I followed the rules and he hasn’t, I should not be the one going home.

It’s true, chefs need to follow the rules. But, ironically,
if the judges always adhered to that, Zoi might still be here and Lisa might be
gone instead.

As he says his goodbyes to the group, Spike says he has no
more buddies in the competition, but that Andrew and he will be "boys
forever." Does that mean they’re going to Never-Neverland to join Peter
Pan and the Lost Boys? Pretty please.

Next week on Top Chef: Welcome to The Hole. Also,
Padma lied. Restaurant Wars is back, baby!

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