“Top Chef All-Stars” Recap (8.06): Old Cheftestants and the Sea


On the other boat, Jamie says she wants to catch a fish half her size. Considering she is practically pocket-sized, that probably won’t be a problem. On the same boat Little Mad Dale, who is with his teammates Tre and Carla, catches the day’s first fish. Then Antonia catches her first fish and starts squealing like a fourth grader. In fact, all the ladies do a happy fish dance together. See, being on a team with the chefbians is rubbing off. No one gets more excited about landing fish than them. What? Now I just can’t stop myself.

But while their boat of merry anglers hauls in catch after catch, the mostly dude boat of Team Blais, Fabio and Marcel and Team Angelo, Mike and Tiffany can’t even catch a stiff breeze. Two hours in and no bites, though I blame their weird fishing technique. Um, I’m no expert fisherman but should it look like they’re trying to row a boat?

But then even their boat starts to catch on and soon everyone is hauling in big ones. Though as Blais notes, their technique for reeling in their catch is a little unorthodox. Basically, they’re sitting in Marcel’s crotch and grabbing his pole. Whatever works, boys. We don’t judge.

Little Mad Dale catches the day’s biggest fish and he’s not so mad anymore, but he does manage to get a little dig at Marcel in the process. Speaking of Marcel, he is menu planning with his team and convinces them to do just one dish. Fabio calls it a good strategy because if the judges don’t like the dish, it will be hard for them to pick just one of them to go. Tricksy, tricksy.

Once they get back to land, they shop at the local farmer’s market. The camera plays up Blais and Fabio’s bromance. Antonia calls them the professor and Italian immigrant. It’s like My Fair Lady but without Audrey Hepburn or the outdated sexist overtones.  Team Estrogen is feeling a little less chummy. Tiffani calls Jamie the team’s weakest link and says she will be keeping her distance. That is not just figurative either.

The next morning the chefs sprint to their beach cooking stations. Jamie complains about the sand in her shoes and Antonia (who, you may have garnered, is not her No. 1 Fan) talks to the cameras about how much Jamie complains. And then Tre talks about how much Jamie complains. He also makes a descriptive array of cranky baby faces as a visual aide. Boy, the Watch What Happens reunion is gonna be fun.

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