“Top Chef All-Stars” Recap (8.05): Should have left your knives at home, ’cause this is a disastuh


But, someone does. Dale the shoe shiner wins the challenge. He admits afterward that he “robbed the bank on that one” and says “we were all morons.” Truth.

The loser chefs are brought back. Tom gives them one more body blow each. And then it’s the big reveal. Who got PYKAGed? Casey. Jamie audibly gasps and I suspect folks at home scream something slightly more profane.

Jamie made two poor dishes compared to Casey’s one. Casey expected to hear Jamie’s name. Jamie expected to hear Jamie’s name. Everyone in the Stew Room expected to hear Jamie’s name. Everyone at home expected to hear Jamie’s name. But if you listened closely to Tom, you would have known it all along. He called Casey’s chicken feet “inedible.” There is no worse thing to call food. If the judges can’t eat it, you are going home. Period.

So, yeah, that was the worst Top Chef Elimination Challenge I have ever seen, ever. I don’t think any of those chefs are going out for dim sum anytime soon, for fear of post traumatic stress disorder kicking in. Hell, I don’t want to eat it for fear of PTSD. Get it together, cheftestants, or we’re going to have to rename the show Pathetic Chefs.

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