“Top Chef All-Stars” Recap (8.04): Game, set, dinner


At Judges Table, Spike defends his dish by saying “I got overtaken.” Yes, he was a helpless bystander on the flavor bus as meanies Angelo and Tiffani took the wheel. Tre can only shake his head. Remember when Spike got kicked off in his season and he blamed his failure on the kitchen having frozen scallops? Blaming other people when you fail, now that’s a real “odd story,” Richard.

So who ended up getting PYKAGed? Spike. Ding, dong the asshat is dead.

But in true Spike fashion, he leaves saying he got screwed and there were a couple of chefs left still worse than him. He says, “I think some of the people’s strategy on this team was not to serve their food, and then maybe other’s strategy was maybe to screw up other people’s food.” Hey, buddy, the judges hated your shrimp, the shrimp you admitted to “butchering” on your first attempt. Man up yourself and say you got beat by better food.

He leaves with one last parting shot for Jamie saying, “At some point, you’re going to have to compete.” Yeah, I won’t miss him one bit.

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