“Top Chef All-Stars” Recap (8.04): Game, set, dinner


The teams set up on center court. Team Yellow tastes each other’s dishes, except for Jamie because her chickpeas are still hard. Spike says that means Jamie is up first, but Jamie insists her beans need more time to cook. Team Orange leads with Fabio, which throws off Yellow’s game plan anyway. So then they have no strategy and Casey ends up volunteering to go first.

Joining Padma, Tom, Gail and guest judge Tony is professional tennis player Taylor Dent. I’ve never heard of him but he looks a tiny bit like Taylor Lautner so I’m guessing that’s why they picked him. Cooking shows are always chasing for that important tween demographic.

Fabio’s gnocchi beats Casey’s pork loin and he celebrates like he just won the U.S. Open. Point Orange. Then Tiffani beats Little Angry Dale. Point Yellow. Next Angelo beats Marcel and he celebrates by knocking down Tre in hug gone awry. Point Yellow.

Jamie is still working on her chickpeas. She tells the camera she hopes their team wins quickly so she can “nip it in the bud and I won’t have to go at all, which will be really nice for me.” See, now that’s a strategy.

Tiffany goes up against Antonia next. As the other Tiffani notes, Angelo’s hands are all up on Tiffany’s plate – and everyone’s plates. But his meddling doesn’t help and she loses. Point Orange. Spike also gets the handsy Angelo treatment as he goes up against Blais. Spike calls him a “used car salesman” and doesn’t know if he can trust him. But he does and then loses to Blais. Point Orange.

Spike is upset at his plate-up, but even more upset at Jamie. Seriously, dude, this is a competition. No one is going to voluntarily fall on her sword for you. No one.

So now it’s down to Carla and Tre. Mike says Carla’s flavors need to develop more in her dish and predicts it will be down to him and Jamie for the last point. Look at everyone underestimating Hootie. Angelo meanwhile is cooking Tre’s fish, and it seems overdone. Has no one learned their lesson yet? Carla wins and takes the match. Team Orange celebrates accordingly.

Spike is still grumbling about them not using his strategy, but Tiffany chimes in that his plan was “stooopid!” Agreed. Jamie says she dodged a giant bullet, but felt “bad” that she didn’t have to serve. Sure you did, lucky girl.

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